BlackBerry Z10 review

BlackBerry will take another stab at rolling out the Android and iOS version of the BlackBerry Messenger chatting app in the following days.

After it sent out an “open letter” assuring customers and partners it’s “here to stay”, troubled BlackBerry sought to change the focus of the discussion from financial problems and rumors of dissolution to its plans for the future. CMO Frank Boulben told Reuters that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will roll out on Android and iOS “within days” and that the issues that caused the last minute cancellation of the September 22 release have been solved.

BlackBerry initially promised that BBM would launch on the top two mobile platforms by the end of the summer. Then, the September 22 release was cancelled, supposedly due to issues caused by the early leak of the BBM for Android app. Now the Canadian company is confident that BBM for Android is finally ready for primetime. Six million Android and iPhone users have signed up for updates on the release of the service, according to BlackBerry.

Here’s to hoping that BlackBerry will be able to keep its promise this time and stage a flawless debut of its messaging service into the Android ecosystem. Are you still waiting for BBM or did you replace it with another app?

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