Nexus 5 press image

More Nexus 5 press renders images have been posted online by a trusted leaker, who also suggested that the handset will be launched on November 1.

@evleaks took to Twitter to post two more images showing the LG Nexus 5, confirming that the handset will be available in both black and white, as previously rumored.

As you can see, the white model is similar to the one spotted recently on an alleged Nexus 5 retail box – only the back plate of the device is white, while the front is still black.

Furthermore, the same source posted a simple “11/1,” as a launch date, which is in line with a previous rumor that said the handset will start selling on October 31.

For what it’s worth, we’ll also point out the fact that these leaked images look very much with what MobileSyrup posted a few days ago (image below), saying at the time that the handset will be launched by Telus – those images show a Nexus 5 sporting the same wallpaper.

Telus Nexus 5

Of course, we’re not surprised to see these leaked images emerge, considering that the LG Nexus 5 wasn’t the best tech secret out there – much like its predecessor.

In fact, Google briefly listed the handset on the Google Play Store – intentionally or mistakenly – on the same day the Telus render appeared (top image).

We’ll be back with more Nexus 5 news in the following days, as we expect Google to finally unveil its brand new Android smartphone.