pebble watch

Pebble watch Kickstarter backers who chose the black model and whose watches haven’t arrived yet will be happy to hear that the final batch of black smartwatches has started making its way to them. The Pebble has been shipping to early buyers since January.

If you opted for the red model, the good news is that your smartwatch is also coming, but it will take another two or three weeks for it to ship in your direction. Versions in other colors are also on the way, with orange next in line, followed by white/grey.

The makers of the Pebble watch are blaming the delay on quality problems which appeared on the production line. If you’ve backed the project and chose a different color version, you can now switch to the black one and get it right away.

If you haven’t backed the project though, you can also pre-order one directly, for $150, on the Pebble website, but the bad news is that the delivery date is estimated for April/May.

The same update on Kickstarter notifies users already having the smartwatch on the availability of 12-hour watchfaces versions, which they can use with firmware version 1.9.1 (the one that resolved the shutdown bug). Also, those waiting for the watchface SDK are told that it won’t include an emulator, so you’ll need an actual Pebble to use it.

Bogdan Bele
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