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Black app - Indie app of the day

Black app is an anonymous chat and call service that connects you to people around you. If you like the idea of talking in secret, check this out!
July 29, 2014
Black App

What is Black App?

Black App is an anonymous chat, call, and messaging service that connects you to people in your general vicinity. It boasts privacy by anonymously connecting you to others. It has a lot of potential uses so let’s check it out.

The interface of the application is very simple. You hit the search button and it finds someone near you. You can then strike up a text chat or send voice messages. The app is completely anonymous with no usernames or profile pictures and the voice communications are actually encrypted so the app does take some steps in keeping your conversations private. There don’t seem to be any advanced features like built-in emoticons, stickers, or even a way to send pictures. Just text chat and voice messages.

Where this app really shines is the use cases. Everyone knows you’re going to get the trolls and perverts who would use these anonymous channels to continue to be the unsavory characters that they are. However, you can also chat with random people without dating or hook ups in mind. The app isn’t themed or built around dating so you could really use it to strike up conversations about anything. If you happen to be out and bored, you may find someone to talk to so you’re not so lonely which we thought was a cool concept. Usually these sorts of things are

Where the app lacks is actual users. It has 1000-5000 downloads at the time of this review which means there’s a good chance that no one is using it in your area. If that’s the case, the app loses pretty much all reason to exist. On the chance it does become popular, it can be a lot of fun but early adopters may have problems finding a reason to keep this app around.

Black App review
Overall, it’s a free application so it’s not like giving a shot is going to cost anything. However, until it gains popularity (assuming it ever does), we can see it being hard to justify keeping it around.