Typically a company employee would have two mobile devices, a personal phone and work phone. Just recently, a new modification of the Android platform called Bizztrust has come out that will not only make this practice unnecessary but turn your Android phone into a veritable fortress of mobile security.

Essentially Bizztrust creates a virtual work phone within your smart phone. This self-contained ‘work phone’ can then be integrated into your company’s network and will thus be subject to its security policies. That means any apps meant for this partition will be added, updated, deleted or otherwise remotely managed by the IT department. All software on your Android phone will also be scanned automatically every time before you’re given complete access to your company network through VPN. As an additional measure, any data transmitted through this virtual work phone will be encrypted. The developers have not sacrificed user-friendliness for higher security with this modified system. You can easily shift between the personal and work partitions via a touchscreen slider.

If any of these features seem familiar, then you’re probably recalling some of the security aspects of the Blackberry platform. Research In Motion (RIM) has always had that advantage and constantly uses security as its main selling point. If Bizztrust takes off however, RIM will have a very strong contender in that particular category.

This Android operating system mod is the joint project of two German organizations, the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology and the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt. Bizztrust was first introduced to the public in October 11 at the IT Security Expo it-sa held in Nuremburg, Germany.