There are hundreds of security related apps on the Android Marketplace. Yes, they all do pretty much the same things such as scanning, finding, restoring, and commonly, annoying its Android user.

Some security apps take no initiative in seeing the side of the average day user. What I mean by this is that there are so many problems caused by security applications, like slow processing or faulty scans telling you that your child’s favorite movie, is linked to a virus.

However, in the words of the BitDefender, everything seems good with this newly risen app. They have proved that the app isn’t a pile of junk that wastes space like some others– even though it claims that it “isn’t the best.”

Like most related applications, BitDefender has multiple additions for iteself. It has a malware scanner, application audit, web security, anti-theft, and event viewer.

Now it might seem like it is starting on the same, slow pace as the others, but its performance counts.

Malware Scanner

The scanner is average. Time elapsed is around 3 minites and 45 seconds, and gives the user no option for multiple scans; like fast, custom, or full scan. Besides these, it is pretty comprehensive.

On a recent scan performed, BitDefender noticed that Z4Root was in the downloads folder. Instead of saying that it could possibly be dangerous, it just flat out told me that it was malware.

I was well aware that the app wasn’t a virus. But I noticed that it also gained advanced access to the phone, which could potentially be a virus. Good looking out from BitDefender!

Application Audit and Web Security

Application audit really requires no explanation. It simply provides users a list of applications installed on their Android device, that require special permissions. The categories include “Internet, Privacy, and Costs” which can be used together as well.

Along with application security, BitDefender also offers assistance on the internet. The simple addition suggests protection against malicious sites before venturing them. When logging on to a site that BitDefender believes is unsafe, it issues a warning.

Anti-Theft and Event Viewer

The Anti-Theft feature grasps multiple settings, including an ON/OFF activation switch for things such as “Remote Geolocation” which can find your lost, or stolen phone

“Remote wipe and lock” provides advantages to simply lock the device or wipe clean of its data, working alongside location interaction. Finally, it offers a “device Admin” switch to disable all of the features in Anti-Theft.

This is also accessible through their computer client,

With event viewer, you can look at all past scans and actions done with BitDefender Mobile Security.

All in all the application, is well worth it. Even though it isn’t really bringing anything new to the table, it provides a less annoying and slow experience for its users.

You can download the app for free from the Android Market. Along with this, you get a 14-day, non-cost, access to the premium features, including Web Security and Anti-Theft. Premium status is available for $9.95 on their website.

Will you be trying out BitDefender? Is it worth it to purchase premium capability after the 14-day trial? I would love to hear your comments.

Update: If you are also curious about what other apps recognize Carrier IQ, BitDefender has a FREE app for that as well.

[Via: BitDefender]

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