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BitDefender's Clueful tells you what apps are endangering your privacy

Clueful is an Android app from BitDefender which allows you to monitor the way the apps you have installed on your device may endanger your privacy. More details in the rest of the article.
May 22, 2013

Clueful, an app that BitDefender has recently launched for Android, allows you to find out which apps on your device constitute a threat to your privacy.

BitDefender is offering the app as a free download in the Google Play Store (link below) – similarly, you can get BitDefender Free Edition, also made available at no cost not long ago. Even with a security suite installed and the measures Google is taking to keep the Play Store safe, it’s still not a bad idea to see what risks you’re taking by using one app or the other.

Clueful is extremely easy to use: right after installing it, the app will scan your device and give you a privacy score, based on the permissions of the apps you have installed. The lower that score is, the more dangerous the apps you have installed on your Android device. The results come from comparing your list of apps to BitDefender’s cloud database.

You’re also getting buttons, at the bottom of the Clueful interface, to see which apps are high risk, moderate risk or low risk. Clicking each one of those will send you to a list where you can check out the permissions each app has. A button that allows you to uninstall the app right away is provided, without the need to go to your device’s Settings menu for that.


The app is extremely easy to use, yet it can provide you with some essential information about the dangers which could lurk behind apparently harmless apps. Also, you don’t need to refresh your score every time you install something new, as Clueful will offer you a notification regarding every new app right after installation.

Will you be using Clueful on your Android device?


Bitdefender Launches Free Clueful for Android App to Protect Users From Privacy Invasion

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA–(Marketwired – May 21, 2013) – BITDEFENDER HQ – Bitdefender, the creator of innovative global antivirus software solutions, has launched the groundbreaking app Clueful for Android, giving device owners a way to monitor suspicious or careless apps that endanger privacy, handle sensitive data carelessly, deliver unwanted spam and access private information.

Bitdefender Clueful for Android gives you — totally free — a tool to monitor and analyze Android apps to see which ones can use your phone and read your messages without permission, send spam notifications, access your photos, send your passwords unencrypted over the internet, upload your calendar, interrupt your phone calls with audio ads and more.

The free app offers a comprehensive analysis of app behavior that is only available from Bitdefender. From the maker of Bitdefender Mobile Security, PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice for Android security, Clueful checks your apps against a constantly updated Cloud database to let you know when your privacy is at risk. Moreover, Clueful checks each app as soon as you install it, and rates the overall security status of your device with a “Privacy Score” to measure your vulnerability.

“Your smartphone is probably the most personal device you own, containing private messages, sensitive banking information, personal photos and other data that can leave you vulnerable if handled carelessly,” said Bitdefender Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi. “Meanwhile, the world of apps is still like the Wild West — poorly regulated, chaotic and open to exploitation by unsavory characters. Clueful offers you a solid defense in an often dangerous milieu.”

Bitdefender will launch Bitdefender Clueful for Android in an event for the media at Pepcom’s MobileFocus at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas on May 21, the opening night of the CTIA 2013(TM). Clueful will be available starting the same day on the Google Play store.

Clueful is crafted and maintained by world-leading developers at Bitdefender, drawing on years of experience on the front lines of the fight against malware. Innovation and dedication has won the company top awards, including the #1 spot worldwide in testing by independent analysts of AV-TEST in 2013, the Product of the Year for 2012 by AV-Comparatives, 12 consecutive VB100 awards from Virus Bulletin and more.