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Your bills won't pay themselves, so Google Now will remind you about them

Bills, bills, bills. They consume our month's cash, especially when we forget to pay them and we get those late fees! Google won't let that happen again!
May 16, 2014
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Bills, bills, bills. They consume our month’s paychecks, especially when we forget to pay them and those nasty late fees show up! We all have our ways of keeping track of bills an payments, but Google wants you to get rid of all those archaic methods and opt for their virtual assistant, which will do all the work for you.

Google Now’s new ability brings bill reminders, a tool that will make sure you keep tabs on your payments. You know, just in case the snail mail, emails, and any other notices don’t work. How does Google even know, though? Sorcery, I say!

Not quite, but Google does have its sneaky ways to get your bill information. After all, Google is the master of searching. All Google Now needs to do is search through your emails and determine which ones are bill/payment related. It then transforms the details into helpful Google Now Cards.

How does it look?

The Google Now card is rather simple. It simply shows the bill title (name of the company you owe money to), the amount owed, due date and an option allowing you to view the email regarding the bill. Like so:


You can then choose whether you want to see more bills from said company or not.

The future of Google Now

Google Now may not be as funny as Siri or as “cool” as Cortana, but it does offer amazing functionality. It’s very hard to beat Google’s information resources. They hold the most popular email client, the biggest mobile OS and Google Search (pretty much the internet’s homepage).

Having these services gives Google Now a titanic advantage, allowing it to get more integrated and fun features. We can tell Google has been working a lot on improving Google Now. Most recently, the digital assistant recently learnt to show you what surrounding stores offer items you have recently searched for.

Google Now is very important for Android’s future and these bill reminders are only proof of what this service can become.