As the holidays are just around the corner, you may want to begin your holiday shopping soon! If you need to find some great deals for the tech lover in your family, allow us to help. We’ve come up with a giant list of our most popular drones, audio equipment, and tech toys to help you with your search.

Act fast! Some of these deals only last until December 5th, so you better hurry!

Black Aerial Drone w/ Camera


If you really want to wow your friend or loved one this Christmas, a drone is a great way to do just that. The Black Arial Drone is a great introductory drone, and is extremely stable to fly. It has a camera attached, allowing you to see exactly where you’re going and what you’re flipping around in the air. It has a premium matted black material, giving it a real drone-like appearance. You can grab this drone for only $69!

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Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 w/ Camera


Imagine soaring high above in the air, diving and dodging, performing amazing stunts and recording it all along the way. That’s exactly what you get with the Extreme Micro Drone 2.0, which flies at a range of up to 400 feet while recording your adventures in the sky thanks to a built-in camera.

While obviously best suited for outdoor use, it is also more than capable of being used (carefully) indoors and can even perform amazing tricks, thanks to a self-righting algorithm and special sensors that will help stabilize it back to its horizontal flying position after a trick is finished. Thanks to Android Authority Deals you can get your hands on the drone nearly half off at just $74.99!

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Panther Drone w/ Camera


A decent quadcopter can easily cost you several hundred dollars, if not more. For those looking for all the fun of a high-quality remote drone without the high price tag however, you might want to take a close look at our latest deal for the Android Authority Deals store.

The Panther Spy Drone UFO isn’t your average quadcopter, with a larger than normal size yet a light durable body made of foam that makes it perfect for tricks and stunts in the air. The Panther boasts 4.5 channel radio control, seamlessly maneuvers in all direction in the all, has a 2.4GHz transmitter and even has a built-in 360-degree flip stunt mode that lets you pull of smooth loops at the press of a button.

So how much does all this awesomesauce cost you? Thanks to our offer, only $110! That’s 55% off the normal price tag ($199).

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DJI Phantom Drone + Extra $35 off with coupon code PHANTOM35 (ONLY 1 LEFT!)


Considering some aerial shots for your next video project? The DJI Phantom FC40 Drone is just what you need to get started. Lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver, this quadcopter drone packs its own 720p camera to capture gorgeous HD quality video, while remaining airborne for up to 15 minutes over a distance of 100 meters, and adds a whole new dimension to your film project.

The Phantom can be operated with the included 5.8GHz remote control, or with your Android smartphone via WiFi for full control and a live streaming video feed while recording. It’s perfect for shooting adventure experiences, real estate overviews, sporting events, or even a fun outdoor moment with friends and family.

The Phantom FC40 Drone can be had through the Android Authority Deals Store for only $499, and you can also save $35 when you use the coupon code PHANTOM35 at checkout!

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3DRobotics IRIS+


The IRIS+ isn’t really for novice drone owners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it! Thanks to 3DR’s world famous autopilot, you can tell this drone where to fly, and it will go on its way! You have the option to choose between manual flight and autopilot, though if you choose autopilot, you can control it with your Android device. If you have a GoPro action camera, it fits perfectly with this drone, giving you the most incredible drone experience out there. You can pick up your own IRIS+ drone for $750!

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Om/One Levitating Speaker


If you buy any Bluetooth speaker, this one will by far be the most unique. The Om/One Bluetooth speaker actually levitates. Yeah, you heard that correctly. It features unmatched crisp, clear sound quality, and has the added benefit of looking like a device straight out of Star Wars. Who couldn’t want this thing? You can pick up your own for only $179.99!

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SoundFreaq Pocket Kick


The holiday gift-giving season is in full swing, and for a tech-loving friend or loved one the Pocket Kick by Soundfreaq could be the perfect gift. This Bluetooth speaker is ultra-portable and yet delivers big sound thanks to a pair of custom-engineered drivers and a passive radiator which is set between two full-metal, open air grills.

The Pocket Kick allow for 10+ hours of playback time and is easily recharged via USB. There’s even a built-in microphone, allowing you to utilize the speaker as a speakerphone system. The Android Authority Deals store is offering up the Pocket Kick for just $74.99 with free shipping to the continental US, that’s 24% off its regular price.

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Grain Audio Bluetooth Speaker


If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that’s a bit more classy, we think you’ll like this next item. The Grain Audio Bluetooth Speaker is made of wood and offers warm, rich sound quality. It features a sleek walnut enclosure, and has a sound processor developed by Grammy award-winning technicians. It also features a patented bass isolation system to ensure that the speaker emits a full, natural sound. You can buy your very own Grain Audio Speaker for $199.

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ZipBuds Select Headphones


Looking for a premium pair of over-the-ear headphones? You should check out the ZipBuds Select Headphones. They feature and unprecedented combination of professional sound quality, rock-solid durability, and sleek design. The audio quality is great, thanks to the company’s partnership with Harvey Mason, Jr., the multi-platinum award winning producer and songwriter. They were built using military-grade Aramid (used in the fabric of body armor), Maeden tinsel technology (50x more durable than stranded wire) and Zipbuds’ patented Zipper Integrated Cabling so you know they’re tough. They also have premium 40mm drivers to ensure smooth treble, clean mid-tones, and booming bass. Pick up your own pair for only $79.99!

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Air-Fi Runaway Wireless Headphones


The Air-Fi Runaway Wireless Headphones give you a more versatile listening experience, as they’re completely wireless. Charge up the battery for a few hours, and you’re all set to listen throughout your entire day. The battery gives you about 15 hours of music playback time, so you don’t need to worry about losing a charge in the middle of your day. They also feature a built-in microphone so you’re interrupted with a call when listening to your music, you don’t need to skip a beat! You can get these headphones for only $44.99!

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AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones


On the hunt for headphones that sound as good as they look? AIAIAI’s iconic TMA-1 headphones are trusted and used by pro DJs around the world for their incredible performance, modern Danish design as well as several practical features, making for a pair you won’t want to put down.

Lightweight and easily adjustable for a perfect fit, the TMA-1 headphones are great for DJing, commuting or enjoying your music at home. We’ve got them here at the Android Authority Deals Store, for only $159 — that’s 36% off the standard price!

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SoundFreaq Double Spot Bluetooth Speaker


Fill your living room, bedroom, office or kitchen with powerful and perfectly balanced sound from the new Double Spot by Soundfreaq. This Bluetooth speaker features two custom designed stereo drivers, for great sound projection and stereo separation, and is aided by Soundfreaq’s proprietary UQ3 digital spatial enhancement technology.

Blending style and substance, the Double Spot comes in two great finishes that will complement the decor in any home. It also charges your mobile device when you’re out and about! Connect your phone, tablet or other audio source via Bluetooth or 3.5mm line in, and enjoy crystal-clear sound in and around the home. Get the Soundfreaq Double Spot here at the Android Authority Deals Store foronly $112, with free shipping across the Continental US!

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ilumi LED Smartbulb


Control your indoor lighting like never before, to suit every mood and occasion! The ilumi LED Smartbulb can light up your rooms in just about any color you can think of, pulse to the beat of music at your party and even wake you up with a soft glow whenever you need it to. It’s easy to set up too — just configure your lights via the app on your Android or iOS device and enjoy your customized lighting all through your house!

As if that wasn’t enough, the ilumi Smartbulb is 5x more efficient than regular bulbs, lasts up to 20 years, and fits in standard bulb sockets. Order yours now at the Android Authority Deals Store for just $79 and have them shipped for free across the US.

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Whether you’re a gamer, comics aficionado or all-round geek extraordinare, you’ll want in on this: subscribe to Loot Crate and receive awesome handpicked collectibles, gear, toys, apparel, art and more delivered to your doorstep monthly in a mystery package. When you sign up for 3 months, you’ll receive $120 worth of exclusive swag that you won’t find elsewhere.

Each month, the good folks at Loot Crate find exciting products from great brands curated around a theme, and ship 6-8 items to each member of their community of Looters. Plus, you’ll also be automatically entered into Loot Crate’s monthly Mega Crate raffle, and stand to win over $750 worth of incredible loot!

If you haven’t yet gotten in on the action, now’s your best chance: score a new 3-month subscription to Loot Crate for just $48 from the Android Authority Deals Store. That’s 1 crate a month for 3 months, filled with assorted geeky goodies at just $16/month, with free shipping within the Continental US. Act fast before this offer runs out today!

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MiP Robot


Everyone wants their own robot, right? And what would be more awesome than owning a robot? Being able to control it with your phone! Its name is MiP, and it’s controlled by using the free MiP app on your device. MiP has 7 different modes that you can switch between at any time: MiP, tracking, dance, roam, tricks, cage, and stack. Exploring all of the different modes is half of the fun! Also, using “Gesturesense”, MiP can detect objects blocking its path.

All you need to have is a working Android or iOS device, and you’re all set. As for some more specifications about the robot, MiP takes 4 AAA batteries, weighs 1.33 pounds, and stands 10.25″ tall. The battery life lasts up to 2 days with moderate to light usage, so you can rest easy knowing that MiP can hold a charge. Now is your chance to make your childhood dreams come true! Pick up a MiP today for only $89.99!

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DoxieGo Portable Scanner


In today’s age, we store just about everything we can on our computers, mobile devices and the cloud: music, important files, documents and the list goes on. But what about physical documents, recipes, notes and drawings? If you’re looking for an easy way to back them up digitally, the Doxie Go could be a dream come true and an easy way to go paperless in 2015.

The Doxie Go is a portable scanner that weighs just 14.2 ounces (with the dimensions of 10.5″ × 1.7″ × 2.2″) that can easily scan just about everything you throw at it, and is compatible with both PC and Mac. You can even create searchable PDFs and transfer scans to the cloud with just a click.

The Doxie Go normally sets users back $199, but thanks to the Android Authority Deals Store you can get it at the special price of $139, 30% off the regular price!

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iHealth Activity & Sleep Tracker


 Looking for a better way to stay healthy and fit? Perhaps the iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker could help. This wristband measures steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned by day, as well as tracks sleep efficiency and hours by night, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your downtime. You can choose to wear it as a wristband or a clip, so whatever you’re doing from day-to-day, the iHealth will be there every step of the way! You can pick your up for only $39.99… that’s 42% off!

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Hale Dreamer Android Alarm Clock


The Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock is made specifically for Android devices. It functions as a fully-fledged alarm clock, coupled with the Hale Dreamer Android application. The physical clock is what Android users dream of (especially if they want to use their phones as their alarm clock), complete with a satisfying snooze button and SmartSilence technology to help you sleep more soundly. You can set which callers ring on the clock and which ones are automatically silenced, all for one common goal: to get the best sleep that you can.

The Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock is being offered for only $55.99 (43% off)!

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Ultimate Photography Kit for Samsung Galaxy S5


If you’re unhappy with your smartphone camera, this camera kit may be able to help. This is the all-in-one smartphone lens kit that puts professional photography power conveniently in your pocket. The kit comes with six unique photography accessories so you can take extremely up-close pictures, to far away shots. The package includes: an 8x telephoto lens, a 60x microscope lens (with special case), a fisheye lens, a macro/wide angle lens, a 2x telephoto lens, a tripod for use with the 8x telephoto lens and a slick carrying case to keep it all together. You can pick up your smartphone lens kit for only $69… that’s 30% off!

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KICK Lighting Studio


Smartphones are (usually) great for taking high quality shots, but what if you need better lighting? Sometimes the built-in flash isn’t good enough for certain situations. If you have that problem more often than not, try the KICK Lighting Studio for your smartphone. The package comes with a rechargeable panel of 40 completely adjustable RGB LEDs, and offers 400 lumens of brightness… that’s brighter than most police flashlights! Once you pair it with the app, you can change the brightness, color temperature, animated light, and built-in video effects. It’s smaller than your smartphone, allowing it to fit perfectly in your pocket, bag, or purse. Pick up your for only $139 today!

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MondoHub – ends 12/5


If you’re constantly running out of USB hubs to charge your devices, you need to look at this next item. Without a doubt, this is the one USB hub to rule them all. The MondoHub features 28 USB hubs, specifically 24 USB 2.0 and 4 USB 3.0 hubs. The power adapter included is a massive 4 amps, allowing you to quickly charge as many devices as you can fit on this device. Also included is automatic overcurrent protection and hot-swapping Plug and Play technology for each port so you can disconnect your devices without having to worry about data loss. Pick up your MondoHub for only $59.99, but hurry! The deal only lasts until December 5th!

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Zboard Classic Hoverboard Edition


Back to the Future fans, listen up! Everybody wants that cool hoverboard from the movie, and now may be your chance to snag one! The Zboard Classic Hoverboard Edition is an electric-powered skateboard that will fill that Back to the Future hole in your heart. To control the board, lean forward, back, and sideways to control where it goes, just like a real hoverboard! This board can reach up to 17mph and travel up to 5 miles on a single charge! It’s fast, extremely convenient, and can be yours for $600!

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V2 Pro Vaporizer


With vaporizers becoming more and more popular, why not invest in one that has smart capabilities? Let us explain. The V2 Pro Vaporizer allows you to use either e-liquid or loose leaf cartridges, and automatically heats each one up to the correct temperature. Simply drop in your preferred cartridge type, press the button and enjoy. Running low on batteries? This is the only vaporizer that allows you to use it while charging, thanks to its unique magnetic charger. You can pick up your own V2 Pro Vaporizer for only $89.99, but you better hurry! This is another deal that only lasts until December 5th!

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iVUE Crossfire Photo & Video Enhanced Glasses


Action cameras are fun, but there’s one big downside: they’re extremely bulky. So why not incorporate the camera on something you’re already wearing? The iVUE Crossfire Photo and Video enhanced glasses aim to replace that bulky action cam on your head. They boast a lightweight frame, 1.88mm thick polarized lenses, a weather-resistant shell, and undeniable style. The camera can shoot video at 720p resolution, video at 30fps, and features removable memory and vibration recording alerts. If you want this deal, you better hurry! These sunglasses will only be available for their discounted price of $79.99 until December 5th!

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