Games with high-end graphics and animation, immersive interfaces, and complex engaging gameplay are usually relegated to desktop or laptop PC installations. But it seems that Android smart phones like the Droid Bionic are just as capable of handling such heavy programming. Here is a list of some of the relatively new ones to whet your gaming appetite. They are among those with the highest user ratings and are available on the Android Market.

Earth and Legend

This is a full-scale multiplayer role-playing game with the characteristics and features you’ve come to expect of such a genre. And if you’ve long been a mobile gamer and have had to put up with poor graphics, then you’ll be glad to know that this game is in glorious three-dimensional HD. You’ll typically need your online buddies to complete the quests in this cooperative multiplayer creation. But you can plow through it on your own if you want to go lone wolf.

Destroy Gunners SP

There aren’t many mech games for Android but enthusiasts aren’t worried because they’re all busy playing Destroy Gunners SP. Aside from featuring awesome three-dimensional graphics, the game takes robot-controlling tasks a notch higher as you get to take charge of your mech through your smart phone’s touch panel. You can choose from a handful of robot designs available too. Plus you’ll get to customize your character anytime which gives it a nice role-playing element.


If you’ve always been fond of tinkering, or you miss those days when you were in your sandbox building blocks and making them move, then you may find Apparatus a treat. The game is actually very innovative though it follows quite simple principles. Using various given spare parts, you’re free to design and build your very own structures, mechanical or otherwise. It can be anything as long as it satisfies the conditions of the physics engine: bridges, catapults, pulleys, seesaws, and even tractors. You then use your custom machine to move one or several of the balls to the assigned goal. The game will surely test your creativity and problem solving skills.

Flick Golf

This is perhaps the only game out there which has incorporated elements that makes it seem like you’re actually on the green. While you only need to flick the balls and won’t need clubs to play, the program has integrated the typical obstacles such as trees, sand, bunkers, and even wind, to make everything a little more realistic.

Asteroid Defense

If you love classic arcade shooter games, then this game will definitely be one of your favorites. You’ll need to protect your command center by fortifying it with shields and solar panels, and lasers and blasters which you’ll use against the onslaught of asteroids. Since it’s no longer a flat two-dimensional shooter game, then there are more than a few angles you’ll have to consider. Another feature that raises it above your typical shooter is the option to link with Beintoo. You can now easily set up matches with your social media friends or take advantage of a handful of rewards.

Coin Dozer

Coin cascades have always been a staple in real-world gaming arcades. You’ll have the same kind of fun playing this classic game on your Droid Bionic, just not with actual tokens or coins. You can really win prizes too, with over 36 freebies to choose from and 30 more of those prized special “coins”. In the new 8.0 version, a Shake Points category has been added. When you manage to get the coins to fall off to the sides, you can gather them for points and exchange them for bonuses.

Homerun Battle 3D

If you’re looking for a competitive real-time online matchup game, then you’re in luck with Homerun Battle 3D. You’ll get to play with over six million other players around the globe. Declared as winner in the Best Apps Awards, entered in Apple’s Essentials Hall of Fame, and nominated in the Best Games category of the International Mobile Game Awards, fun and challenge are sure to never run out of this game.

Buddy Rush

Casual gamers who are into social RPG ought to check out this game. You can pop in anytime to finish a mission and while doing so be charmed by the wholesome and endearing humor. While cartoonish and very colorful, Buddy Rush actually requires implementing quite serious strategies to win. Aside from your Droid Bionic, you can also access the game from Facebook, which means you can practically play it anywhere or on any connected mobile device.

Cars and Guns 3D

This car driving and shooting game has its set of exciting twists and sports a quite unique graphical style. With the 3D interface, the setting looks realistic and you’ll feel like you’re actually looking through the car’s windshield when playing. You’ll access 16 different missions, plus you’ll be able to choose from 16 available car designs. Of course the cars are upgradeable as well. Some users have noted their annoyance with the in-game advertisement.

Dungeon Defenders

Action RPG and tower defense games on Android don’t always go hand in hand. The complex gameplay almost always makes controlling the characters difficult, especially since smart phones and tablets have generally smaller real estates than, say, their full on game console counterparts. But Dungeon Defenders has successfully gone over this hurdle and you can immerse in multiple quests with your chosen character wherever you are. Thanks to the more intuitive controls for the touch panel on Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave, you’ll get to navigate through your missions with much more ease.

It’s always been known that smart phones and tablet computers will be capable of rendering highly advanced games. What’s quite surprising is how soon this actually became reality. There’s still much to be said about the gaming experience on consoles and wide LCD monitors. But none of those specialized hardware can fit snugly in your pocket like the Droid Bionic can.

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