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BGR: Two new Kindle Fire tablets to be unveiled after all, could come with metal casings and sophisticated looks

June 29, 2012

While Acer and Asus recently came out with a couple of very interesting and powerful 10-inch tablets, namely the Iconia Tab A700 and the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700, and Samsung seems to be getting ever closer to the launch of the much-awaited Galaxy Note 10.1, the Nexus 7’s release seems to be turning the Android tablet supremacy fight into a whole new ballgame altogether.

But it’s not a real ballgame unless the number one team has some competition, and, to be honest, the Iconia Tab A700, Transformer Pad TF700 and even the Galaxy Note 10.1 seem to be clearly overshadowed by the Nexus 7 mostly due to the new 7-incher’s price and “bang for the buck”.

However, competition we shall have in the Android tablet world over the next few months, as Amazon will most likely be throwing in its own very strong contenders in the arena. The first-edition Kindle Fire was in many ways an extremely revolutionary product last year and is thought by some to actually be the main reason why Google decided to launch a Nexus 7 slate this year. So we can’t help but feel excited about the coming of Kindle Fire 2 tablet or tablets.

We’ve been hearing rumors about the Fire 2 for many months now and pretty much every new report or “leak” sent us in a different direction than the previous one. The number of new devices to be unveiled by Amazon in 2012 has been the most debated issue since March, as well as the targets of each new gadget.

There has been talk about no less than four new Fires coming our way for a while, but the last few weeks have pretty much consolidated the idea that we will only be seeing two Amazon-manufactured tablets this year, a 7-incher and a 10-incher.

Kindle Fire 2 specs and features

BGR now claims to have heard from a very “trustworthy” source, which has revealed to the online publication a couple of very important details about the upcoming tablet duo. First off, it’s now almost certain that the 7-inch model will be an upgraded version of the original Kindle Fire, while the 10-incher will be a high-end tablet in all senses and purposes, intended to be a true “iPad killer”.

Secondly, it seems that the 7-inch model’s upgrades and tweaks will not just be superficial changes, but will look to actually improve the areas where the original Fire was heavily criticized. You can therefore expect “vastly improved” build quality, with a metal casing replacing the original soft touch, but shallow plastic body.

The 7-incher’s overall look will be much more sophisticated and elegant, according to the unnamed source, and the back of the device will include a “chrome-look rib” which might work perfectly with the black matte finish to create a truly original design.

Both the 7-incher and the 10-incher will be thinner versions of the first-generation iPad and they will both lack physical buttons on the front of the devices, much to the excitement of “pure Google experience lovers”.

Unfortunately, as far as the new 10-incher goes, BGR’s source doesn’t have much information to reveal and we only know that it will come with a quad-core processor of some sort, a front-facing camera, a microUSB port and an HDMI connector. The USB and HDMI ports should be found on the 7-incher as well, but that’s pretty much all the source was willing to say at the time.

In terms of pricing and availability, BGR’s report doesn’t mention anything. So, like it or not, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what Amazon has in store for us. The late July timeframe is still the most likely for Amazon to host the new Kindle Fire 2 unveiling, while, as far as pricing goes, there’s nothing really trustworthy to report at the time.

Are you excited about the new Kindle Fire(s)? Do you think that Amazon has a shot at coming out with both a 7-incher to defeat the Nexus 7 and a 10-incher capable of at least challenging Apple’s iPad?