Although we normally hate engaging in the spreading of rumors that are likely to be fake, we (reluctantly) brought you a report of the BBK Vivo X3, the “world’s first bezel-less smartphone”, last month.

It’s not so much that we believed in the existence of such a device as we wanted to believe. But as far-fetched as the story seemed back then, the whole thing is starting to gain traction. Unofficially that is, but still, there’s very rarely smoke without fire in the Android décor.

So is a mythical bezel-less device actually in the works? We’re still doubtful, but there’s probably a one in two shot it’s real. Only now it’s called the Vivo X5 or XPlay, according to sources close to GizChina.

There’s even a render of the gadget (shown above), but chances are that’s not how the XPlay is going to end up looking. Instead, that’s probably a sort of concept image of an early design. Or maybe an entirely different phone, this time really dubbed Vivo X3.

Unfortunately, we have nothing new on the XPlay’s display, so we only “know” the thing is supposed to measure 5 inches in diagonal and boast a Full HD resolution. Our biggest concern is naturally how BBK is planning to solve the whole handling of a borderless phone issue. Will the software be tweaked to ignore unintentional screen contacts? Or will the thing feature some ultra-thin edges after all?

No idea, but as far as the rest of the specs go we almost have a full story here. Apparently, the X5 will feature 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and… a quad-core Mediatek MT6589 processor. I know what you’re thinking. The “low-cost” CPU will ruin everything, unless the phone is going to be dirt-cheap.

Only it’s not even going to be “fairly” priced when it goes up for grabs – in late April or early May. Instead, rumor has it the Vivo XPlay will sell for a full 3,298 Yuan, or $525. Ouch! So much for this nice little fantasy, eh?