A few weeks back, Notion Ink launched the Ice Cream Sandwich alpha for users of their Adam tablet. Considering its early stage, there were a few issues its users complained of. Thankfully, Notion Ink has listened to the feedback of the public and has done its best to release the beta version as soon as possible. This wait is finally over as Founder/CEO Rohan Shravan shared links of the beta files through the company’s blog.

With this version, users improve the HDMI output and Wi-Fi problems they had with the previous update. In addition, users have access to full HD videos appearing through the HDMI input or on-screen. Lastly, the beta version has a better sound quality that will make listening to audio a lot clearer.

Here’s a how to on installing the beta Ice Cream Sandwich release on your Notion Adam tablet:

Step 1: Download the two files Update Recovery and the Adam Beta ICS.

Step 2: Rename the file ‘update_Recovery.zip’ to ‘update.zip.’

Step 3: Copy both update.zip and adam_BetaICS.zip files to an external SD card.

Step 4: Insert the SD card to the Notion Adam tablet.

Step 5: Start your tablet in recovery mode. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the device’s up volume key and the power key.

Step 6: Choose ‘apply external SDcard update.zip.’ For navigating, you can use the device’s volume keys. For selecting, the second capacitive button can be used. This action installs the recovery image on the device.

Step 7: When you’ve finished the above steps, reboot to recovery mode again. Refer to Step 5.

Step 8: A screen will appear on your device and will give you options. Choose ‘wipe the data’ followed by ‘install zip from SD card.’

Step 9: On the next screen, opt to ‘choose zip from ZD card.’

Step 10: From the prompt, choose ‘adam_BetaICS.zip’ and install. This will install the update ROM.

Step 11: When completed, wipe the data and cache before rebooting the device.


If there is an error in installation, you can repeat the steps above. Always remember to backup your data and the battery has been fully charged before you start with the installation.

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