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Huge price drop on the Amazon Eero Pro 6E, and more wireless router deals

The 40% savings on Amazon's top router option take it to by far its lowest price ever of $179.
September 28, 2022

Most people spend the majority of their time connected to Wi-Fi on one device or another. Yet, we rarely give our router a second thought, and that’s usually a good thing. After all, thinking about a router often means that it’s not doing its job very well. So if you’ve been questioning your router lately, here are a few of the best wireless router deals to help ease your mind.

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We’ve tracked down options at a variety of price points with different capacities to fit your family. If you only have a few devices on your network, you probably won’t be looking for the most high-end router out there.

Featured wireless router deals

There are several noteworthy wireless router deals right now that stand out from our full roundup below. They include the fastest Amazon Eero router yet, at its best price to date.

Amazon Eero Pro 6E Wi-Fi Router
Amazon Eero Pro 6E Wi-Fi Router
The Eero Pro 6E supports fast speeds and direct access to the new 6GHz band when using Wi-Fi 6E devices, resulting in lower latency across your network, even for non-Wi-Fi 6E devices.
$179.00 at Amazon
Save $120.00

Check out these other offers:

This handful of offers is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep scrolling to see how far your budget can stretch on a top wireless router.

Best wireless router deals

Synology RT6600ax wifi router top down view
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

There’s a whole slew of other wireless router deals out there right now. We’ve split them up by manufacturer to keep things simple.