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Best wireless gaming mice of 2021: Logitech, HP, and more

Cut the cord and untangle your setup with the best wireless gaming mice out there
October 14, 2021
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Having a great wireless gaming mouse won’t improve your skills but a precise sensor, long battery life, and not having to deal with a cord will simplify your sessions. Find your perfect fit in our list of the best wireless gaming mice you can buy. 

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The best wireless gaming mice

In this list, we have wireless gaming mice from various brands for various types of hands and multiple kinds of games. Have a look through our picks for MMO and MOBA mice, ultralight mice, and more below. 

Logitech G502

logitech g502 gaming mouse 1

The G502 is one of Logitech’s most beloved mice, and for a good reason too. The reliability, premium parts, and features make this mouse the best Logitech gaming mouse overall. It features the company’s signature Hyperscrolling, a rechargeable battery, a tilting scroll wheel, and a ton of extra buttons to map to additional functions in games. 
The mouse also comes with adjustable weights to fine-tune the experience, or you can ditch the weights for Logitech’s Powerplay system that will wirelessly charge your mouse while you’re playing so that it never runs out of juice mid-game. The $150 price tag gets you one of the best wireless gaming mice out there.

HyperX Pulsefire Dart

hyperx pulsefire dart wireless gaming mouse 1

Gear from HyperX is known to be solid, and the Pulsefire dart is no different. With what the company calls “leatherette” grips on the surface of the mouse, it’s made for comfort over time. Not much else is incredibly standout about the Pulsefire dart, but make no mistake, the Pixart 3389 sensor on there means that there’s some great power under the hood. The sensor is fast and precise, so you won’t need to worry about missed shots due to your hardware.

Other notable things include a 50-hour battery life and Qi wireless charging. This one is frequently found on sale, so check out the current price at the link below.

HP Omen Photon

HP Omen Photon mouse
Luke Little / Android Authority

HP’s modular offering is a sleeper hit; while it’s on the smaller side for big hands, the modularity it offers creates an incredibly versatile experience. The Omen Photon is an ambidextrous mouse that includes everything you need to build the experience you want in the box. Modular parts include right and left thumb or pinky rests, right/left flat sides, removable thumb buttons, and covers for thumb buttons that aren’t in use. 

Combine all of that with HP’s customization software, Omen Command Center, and you get tons more personalization out of it. The mouse also performs as well as you’d expect for a $150 mouse, so no worries about latency here. Lastly, it features a 70-hour battery life and Qi wireless charging for added convenience. $150 is a somewhat steep price tag for this one, but we think it’s well worth it. 

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE

corsair dark core rgb wireless gaming mouse 1

This one is actually a personal recommendation; I use Corsair’s Dark Core RGB Pro SE every day despite its absurdly long name. Similar to the Omen Photon above, the right side of this mouse can be configured with either a pinky rest or a flat right side. In the company’s iCUE software, you can customize every button to your liking. iCUE is a bit buggy and can be overwhelming to new users, but overall provides loads of personalization for lighting, macros, and button functions. 

USB-C charging and Qi wireless are great features to have on this mouse since the 2,000Hz polling mode will take a bit of a toll on battery life. It isn’t a huge hindrance, but I’d recommend charging it every other day or so just to stay topped off. For me, this mouse has always been fast, comfortable, and stylish, which is very much to my liking, so $80-$90 is a pretty great price for such an offering. I personally find this to be one of the best wireless gaming mice out there and highly recommend trying it out.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless

steelseries aerox 3 wireless gaming mouse 1

If you’re looking for an ultralight option while still wanting wireless, look no further than the SteelSeries Aerox 3 wireless. Usually, batteries add weight to a wireless mouse, but SteelSeries has done a good enough job at punching enough holes in the mouse to maintain a small weight, coming in at just 68g. The PTFE feet on the bottom help it glide on surfaces too for maximum maneuverability. 

The Aerox 3 wireless is also the first wireless gaming mouse to receive a water and dust resistance rating. It carries an IP54 rating, so you don’t need to worry about any dust or a small splash of liquid damaging the exposed insides. The mouse also features a sensor co-developed with Pixart for optimal performance.

Logitech G604

logitech g604 gaming mouse 1

Logitech’s G604 is a classic for MMO and MOBA gamers for its six configurable thumb buttons. These enable quicker execution of crucial functions in games that typically delegate those functions to hard-to-reach keyboard buttons. Other than that, this mouse features Logitech’s Hyperscroll tech and a tilt wheel, which technically gives you two more buttons in addition to what’s already on it. 

Other than that, you’ll get a 250-hour battery life and a 25k DPI sensor. All in all, the vast amount of customization offered by what’s technically nine buttons on this mouse makes it one of the best wireless gaming mice for MMOs and MOBAs out there. 

That’s it for our list of the best wireless gaming mice you can buy, so complete your setup with the best cheap gaming keyboards and the best mousepad!