Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus back on piano

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is fortified against the elements with an IP68 rating, but that may not always be enough. If you have dreams of taking your phablet on adventures, you might want to invest in a heavy-duty case. After all, the Note 10 Plus is up there with the most expensive Galaxy devices. Here’s a list of the best waterproof Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus cases to give you some peace of mind.

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The best waterproof Note 10 Plus cases

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best waterproof Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus cases as more options become available.

Huakay waterproof case


One of the best parts about waterproof cases is the degree of protection they offer. The Huakay case has a raised lip around all of the openings and a built-in screen protector for 360-degree coverage. You can still use the standout features like wireless charging and ultrasonic fingerprint reader, though you’ll have to add your fingerprint again.

WOOQU waterproof case

note 10 plus wooqu

WOOQU’s waterproof case adds another IP68 rating on top of the rating of the Note 10 Plus. That means you can safely take your phone up to two meters underwater for 30 minutes. The case is made with a polycarbonate back panel and a soft TPU frame for top-notch protection and a comfortable grip. WOOQU’s case has a built-in screen protector, so make sure to remove any other protector before you attach the case.

Fansteck waterproof case


The Fansteck waterproof case packs the same IP68 rating as the other cases but in a slightly slimmer footprint. Even with the slimmer design, the Fansteck case still includes a screen protector and a protective flap over the S Pen. It adds a pop of color, too, as you can choose pink, purple, blue, gray, or black frames.

Ghostek Nautical waterproof Galaxy Note 10 Plus case

ghostek nautical note 10 plus case

If you like the pop of color on the Fansteck, the Ghostek Nautical case comes in red, green, and black options. It features a textured grip on both sides of the TPU frame so your expensive phone won’t slip out of your hands. The Ghostek Nautical even adds a level of protection that the others skip: It secures the camera with a protective film.

Temdan Supreme waterproof Galaxy Note 10 Plus case

temdan supreme

The final option on the list, Temdan’s Supreme case, matches the rest in terms of the IP68 rating and the fingerprint reader support. It only comes in black, but the backplate is transparent, so you can still enjoy the natural color of your phone. The Temdan Supreme case adds a protective lip around both the front and back of the device, so you won’t have to worry about drops from any angle.

Well, there you go, our picks for the best waterproof Note 10 Plus cases. There aren’t very many out there, but you can always check out some other cases if none of these are just right.