Romance is slowly filling the air as Valentine’s Day approaches.  Share the love with your Android device with these applications that will definitely set the mood for your Red Day affair.


Whether you have a date on Valentine’s Day or you plan on spending it with friends, a dose of MASH can add a bit of fun to the occasion.  MASH, which can mean either “Married, Acquaintances, Soulmates, Happy,” or “Mansion, Apartment, House, Shack” is that high school game we all used to play to “predict” our futures with our crushes.  This time around, we can have the guilty teeny-bopper pleasure of playing it on our Droids.

A cute feature is that you can share your results with a friend via email or SMS.  If you’re having way too much fun, you can upgrade to the full version (M.A.S.H. Pro) which gives you the option to add questions, and even save your love predictions on a journal within the app.

Wish Your Valentine

Wish Your Valentine is an all-around app that can be quite useful if you want to constantly remind your loved one that you care.  Send e-flowers with personalized messages, get tips on how to treat him or her right, generate quotes, and even have fun testing your compatibility.

Ways To Say I Love You

If you’re not good with words and are in need of a bit of inspiration, then this simple app is definitely for you.  Choose from an array of different romantic lines and practice them in front of a mirror before your date.  Or if you can’t wait, immediately send them to your loved one with the share button.

I Love You In 24 Countries

If you still can’t find the right words to say even after studying those love quotes, then why not say “I love you” in 24 different languages?  It’s a fun app to use if you have extra space in your device.  You can even upgrade to I Love You In 40 Countries if he or she still isn’t convinced.

Bubble Blast Valentine

In case your date is late to your evening affair, pass the time with Bubble Blast Valentine’s Edition.  This game will definitely keep you occupied.

Photo Heart Locket

Feeling cheesy?  Give your device an immediate V-day overhaul with this live wallpaper app.  Take photos of you and your loved one and set them in cute heart-shaped frames on your home screen.  Every swipe will give you a burst of hearts and every tap with give you kiss marks.  If you have another photo, you can set it so as to create transitions.  It’s pretty nifty – just watch out for your battery life.

Valentine’s Weight Loss

Chocolates are the inevitable calorie trap that everybody falls for during this time of the year.  Motivate yourself to lose that excess weight with this free add-on to the CardioTrainer program.  Place the widget on your home screen to monitor your daily progress.  If you’re successful, you’ll enjoy the little surprise at the end!


In case you’re a late adopter and still haven’t installed this in your Android device, now is a good time to do so.  This location-based social networking app can help you look for perfect places to take your date – may it be a restaurant, a movie house, or a hotel.  Discounts and other goodies also await you in places with ongoing Foursquare campaigns.  You can even have fun with those badges and mayorships if you keep at it.

Are there any additional apps you know that can help make your V-day more enjoyable?  Share it with us by leaving a comment!

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