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In the market for a new Android phone? Here are some devices worth waiting for

These are some cool Android phones coming in the next few months that we think you should know about before making a buying decision.
July 5, 2013
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We take a look at upcoming Android smartphones that you should be aware before buying a new device.

Should I wait for the new Galaxy or should I get the HTCnow? Is the next Nexus worth waiting another month? If I get this phone now, will I regret it next week? We’ve all had dilemmas like these, or, at least, we’ve heard others wondering if purchasing a device would give them buyer’s remorse.

Everyone hates buyer’s remorse, and when new devices launch every other week, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that you’ve just spent your precious cash on the wrong gadget.

We’re here to help. These are some cool Android phones coming in the next few months that we think you should know about before making a buying decision.

  • The Sony i1 has been rumored to launch “soon”, but we can’t really tell when you can expect it to see it in stores. In other words, you better be patient!
  • The Sony Xperia Z Ultra will be available in the first markets in September.
  • The LG G2 is rumored to be launched in July in South Korea and in the rest of the world in August. Add at least another month for store availability.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is widely expected to launch in early September, with availability later that month.
  • The OPPO Find 7 is rumored to launch in the first markets in mid-September.
  • The Motorola Moto X is expected to become available by the end of the summer, probably this month.
  • The HTC One Max is rumored to launch in Q4, likely in early fall.
  • The HTC Butterfly s already sells in Taiwan, is set to debut in Asia in Q3, while other regions could get a localized version.
  • The HTC One Mini is widely expected to be launched in August.

Looking for the best camera?

You may want to wait for the Sony i1, a.k.a. Honami. This rumored beast of a phone will sport a camera like no other –  a leaked system dump revealed a 20MP sensor, 4000×2000 video recording (4K video) powered by an algorithm aptly dubbed Super Resolution, ISO up to 12800, optical image stabilization (Steadyshot), various software goodies, and a new API that would allow developers to create “Xperia camera add-ons”.

Looking for raw power?

If cutting edge specs and raw power make you really happy, now may not be the best time to invest in a new mobile device. That’s because current flagships are about to be left in the dust by a new crop of Snapdragon 800-equipped devices. These include the LG G2 and the Galaxy Note 3, which are both rumored to feature 3GB of RAM, as well as the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the HTCOne Max, the Sony i1, and later in the year, the OPPO Find 7. Benchmarks tell us that the Snapdragon 800 will be noticeably faster than the Snapdragon 600, without consuming much more power.

Looking for an affordable phone?

If you don’t want to spend too much on your next smartphone, you should wait for news on the Motorola Moto X. The device is widely expected to be affordable, as Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside told us himself. Rumor has it we’re looking at a $299 or less price tag. For that money, you won’t get the latest specifications, but a 720p display and a dual-core Snapdragon processor should be enough for a great user experience.

Looking for a waterproof smartphone?

The Galaxy S4 Active and the Xperia Z are two nice waterproof devices currently on sale. If you don’t like them for some reason, you could wait for the above mentioned Sony i1 or the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. We just wonder why more manufacturers don’t bother with water resistant devices.

Looking for a big battery?

If big batteries are your thing, you might want to wait for a few devices – the HTC Butterfly s packs a massive 3200 mAh unit without going overboard with the dimensions. The Note 3 is likely to come with a large battery, just like the Note 2, which has a 3100 mAh unit. The Moto X is rumored to feature “industry leading” battery life, though we’re not really sure what that means. The OPPO Find 7 is also said to be coming with a massive 4000 mAh battery.

Looking for a huge display?

If you just can’t have enough inches, you should look forward to the Xperia Z Ultra and the HTC One Max. The former will come in September with a 6.4-inch LCD display with Triluminos tech and X-Reality Engine, while the latter is rumored to hit the stores in fall with a 6-inch SLCD panel.

Looking for a moderately sized phone?

Some people just want a “normal” phone, that they can easily pocket and operate with one hand. If you fall into that category, the Moto X might be a good choice, as well as the HTC One Mini. Both are rumored to feature a 4.3-inch display and to be quite compact.

Looking for a productivity device?

Road warriors should look forward to the Galaxy Note 3, which should have more bells and whistles that you can shake a stylus at. The Xperia Z Ultra strikes back with a display that you can scribble on with any pencil, but the battery may leave you wanting for more.

Looking for something different?

The most distinctive of the upcoming devices is certainly the Moto X. First, Motorola refused to participate in the specs war, so the Moto X may be the first flagship in recent memory to come with mid-range specs. Then, the Google-owned company promised that the phone will be customizable, though that may not mean much. But the really special thing about the Moto X is the fact that it will be always listening to you and offer contextual awareness. In other words, the phone will “know” what you are doing with it and react accordingly, without any input from you.

Looking for the best all around?

There are plenty of great Android smartphones already on the market, but from the upcoming crop the most exciting shapes up to be the Sony i1. But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?