Do you like to travel?  Do you enjoy foreign locales, exotic foods, and exciting adventures? Travelling used to be a real undertaking, involving planning, learning a bit of another language, and figuring out things to do. Android is all about utility, and apps are all about making life easier, or filling those dull moments with something interesting, informative or at least entertaining, right? Today, we provide you a collection of must-have travel apps that will help you communicate in a foreign environment, figure out how much money you are spending, make notes of sites to see and things to do, and more. Read on Android traveller!

Trip Journal

Trip Journal is an excellent tool, that functions somewhat like a digital diary. It lets you record all of the cool sights and sounds by allowing you to record your route, take videos and photos, and make notes of thigs you see and experience. Plus, it can connect with your blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more,  ensuring jealousy of all the cubicle companions you have left behind.

Really, it’s one of the more useful apps out there, and is beautifully designed and executed. A must-have for any traveler, and well worth the 0.99$.

Download it Trip Journal here


I don’t know about you, but i’m quite disorganized when it comes to travelling. Sure, I can remember my passport, but I forget a lot of other stuff as the anxiety builds pre-departure. TripIt is another one of Android’s little treasures, and particularly for travelers at that. TripIt can automagically scour your Gmail account for travel confirmation emails to make sure you are not scrambling for info at the last possible second.

Download TripIt here.


Google has made it quite easy for voice and text translation on the move, and TransZilla harnesses the power of it beautifully. I use this one whenever I am in a foreign country, and found it to be fast, and a joy to use. It’s great to be able to communicate with people wherever you are, and you can use either voice or text. I found, in practice, that voice actually worked quite well, permitting I wasn’t in a loud area. TransZilla is actually able to communicate in either text or speech in to over 50 languages. Plus, it packs the ability to share translations via email or SMS. You will never not know what that they are saying! Plus, it’s free.

Download TranZilla here


Layar is the king of AR (Augmented Reality) apps, and it’s amazing to use. While it won’t have information on the post office you are looking at in Nairobi, it will contain a ton of great information on some heavily visited locales, and makes touring a city feel like you’ve got a very knowledgeable tour guide in your pocket. Essentially, what it does is layer information on top of what your camera sees. It uses GPS in conjunction with web info to provide you with live data on the things around you.

Download Layar here

BackCountry Navigator Pro

You know what carriers love? Roaming fees? You know what they love more? Roaming data fees. Ever heard about that guy that went down to a wedding in Cuba and came back to find out his smartphone bill was $6200? Yep – too much YouTube at the beach. For the more adventurous types out there, this cool app uses the power of your aGPS chip, and offline data to provide topographical maps in remote areas. If you like getting off the beaten track, so to speak, then we highly recommend you check out this app if you plan on plunging into the wilderness. Most importantly, it can be used without a data connection, so you won’t come back to any fun surprise(s)!

Download BackCountry Navigator Pro here – and it costs $10

Any apps you would add to this list? Thanks for visiting Android Authority – and happy travels!

Darcy LaCouvee
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