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Sonos is one of the top names in the wireless speaker business. Its speakers are easy to set up and they have high-end sound across the board. This quality typically comes at a high price, but we’ve done our best to round up some of the best Sonos deals available right now.

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Sonos speakers can be difficult to find, and many options are either back-ordered or set up for pre-order. We’ve gathered a few speakers and home theater options, but they may sell out quickly. We’ll do our best to update the list as we find new bundles and offers.

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Best Sonos deals

All of these deals were live at the time of writing, but like we said they may end soon or sell out. Check back often in case we find new savings.

Speaker deals

Sonos One Speaker

Sonos One Alexa speaker image on white desk.

Sonos One is probably the most basic way to jump into the ecosystem. It’s a compact smart speaker that connects easily with other Sonos devices and supports all manners of smart assistants. The Sonos One is also humidity resistant for easy shower listening or outdoor entertainment in a muggy environment. This deal is for a set of two Sonos One speakers so you can set them up in different rooms for a full home audio experience.

$378 .00
Sonos One Speaker, Two Room Set
Save $20 .00
Buy it Now
Sonos One Speaker, Two Room Set Buy it Now
Save $20 .00 $378 .00

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Sonos Five Speaker

sonos five scene

If the Sonos One is the most basic option, then the Sonos Five should be five times more powerful right? Well, it’s tough to say, but the two angled tweeters and one central tweeter should create some pretty powerful sound. If you set your Five speakers up horizontally, the software will analyze your music and split right from left for a stereo experience. When the Five is aligned vertically and paired with a second unit, the two will automatically produce stereo sound. Each Five speaker is also equipped with three mid-woofers to round out the sound.

$949 .00
Sonos Five Speaker, Two Room Set
Save $49 .00
Buy it Now
Sonos Five Speaker, Two Room Set Buy it Now
Save $49 .00 $949 .00

Vinyl Set

sonos pro ject t1 phono sb

One of the best features of Sonos speakers is the flexibility that they offer. That’s never more evident than if you pick up this Vinyl Set that combines a Sonos Five speaker with the Pro-Ject turntable. Just connect the turntable via aux cable and you can play any of your favorite vinyl records with the power of Sonos tuning. All of the same benefits of the powerful Sonos Five still apply, so it’s easy to turn one speaker into a powerful stereo setup.

$849 .00
Sonos Vinyl Set
Save $49 .00
Buy it Now
Sonos Vinyl Set Buy it Now
Save $49 .00 $849 .00

Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers

Lifestyle image of Sonos In-Ceiling speakers.

If you want Sonos sound quality that seems to come from nowhere, the In-Ceiling speakers are your best bet. The architectural speakers feature Amp technology which enables TruePlay for an adaptive audio experience. TruePlay accounts for the size, furnishings, and construction of your rooms to adjust the sound output.

You can also pair the In-Ceiling speakers with other devices like the Sonos One for true surround sound.

$599 .99
Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers, Set of Two
Buy it Now
Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers, Set of Two Buy it Now
$599 .99

Home theater deals

Sonos Playbar Soundbar

sonos playbar soundbar

The Sonos Playbar is the perfect place to start if you want to build a home theater. It’s the hub for many Sonos bundles because it’s very easy to mount and wirelessly connect to other devices. The Playbar is a larger sibling to the Sonos Beam and it features Speech Enhancement to perfectly tune whispers as well as action scenes.

$599 .00
Sonos Playbar
Save $100 .00
Buy it Now
Sonos Playbar Buy it Now
Save $100 .00 $599 .00

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Sonos Sub Subwoofer

sonos sub scene
If the Playbar is the core of a home theater setup then the Sub is the muscle. It’s a large wireless subwoofer with a square cutout in the middle for the two force-canceling drivers. They’re positioned to face one another to eliminate rattle and cabinet buzz. Just like the other options, the Sub pairs easily with any Sonos speaker for a surround sound experience.

$599 .99
Sonos Sub
Save $100 .00
Buy it Now
Sonos Sub Buy it Now
Save $100 .00 $599 .99

5.1 Surround Sound Set

Sonos home theater scene

You’ve already seen options for speakers, soundbars, and even subwoofers, but what if you put them all together? Bundling Sonos speakers is one of the best ways to save while you flesh out your home theater. This bundle includes a 1st-gen Sonos Sub subwoofer, Beam soundbar, and two Sonos one speakers. Connections are seamless and can be rearranged any time you want thanks to the wireless design.

$1359 .00
Sonos 5.1 Surround Set
Save $97 .00
Buy it Now
Sonos 5.1 Surround Set Buy it Now
Save $97 .00 $1359 .00

So there you go, the best Sonos deals currently available. As you can see, the sticker shock is real. If you’re still looking for new audio equipment we do have some other hubs that might help:

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