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Best smart security cameras

In this age of the smart home, we can use our phones and even our voice to turn on a TV, listen to music, or turn on our lights. However, perhaps the biggest and most important aspect of the smart home is to add better security to where we live. That’s where smart security cameras come in.

There are now a variety of different smart security cameras to choose from. All of them have some degree of control via voice or smartphone apps. Many of them allow you to store videos taken from those cameras on a cloud server. Let’s take a look at the best smart security cameras you can currently buy.

Best smart security cameras

Editor’s Note: We will update this post as more smart security cameras are released.

1. Blink indoor smart camera

blink indoor smart securty camera

Amazon has a number of its own smart security cameras that it sells under different brands. One of them is Blink. It sells a wireless indoor security camera that is designed to be easy to install and use. It includes a motion sensor that, when triggered, instantly takes a 720p video clip of the area. The video is then to a cloud server. It runs on two AA batteries that should power the camera for up to two years.

You can get alerts from the camera to your iOS or Android device. You can also control it with your voice if you own an Amazon Echo smart speaker. Best of all, there’s no monthly service fee to pay to use this smart security camera. You can purchase the Blink smart security camera with just one camera and a hub device. There are also options to buy as many as five cameras, plus a hub, at one time.

2. Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor camera

blink xt2 smart security camera

There’s another member of the Blink camera family that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. It’s rated IP65 for water and dust resistance. It also has some other features that the standard Blink camera does not have. That includes 1080p video resolution and an infrared camera viewing option. Finally, this camera has support for two-way audio, for people who want to talk to the person in front of the lens. The Blink XT2 is a bit more expensive than the standard model, and it also can be purchased with up to five cameras, and a hub, at one time.

3. Wyse Cam Pan camera

wyse smart security camera

If you are looking for a camera that can actually move, the Wyse Cam Pan is for you. Using the Wyse app, you can rotate this camera 360 degrees in just a few seconds. It can be set up to stop at four predetermined points. It also has a 93-degree range for moving up and down. The camera allows for live streaming to your phone with 1080p resolution. It includes a motion sensor that, when activated, automatically records a 12-second video clip. That clip is stored for free on a cloud server for up to 14 days. You can also save it locally if you put in a microSD card in the included slot. The camera also has night vision and can identify a person with some new software updates. It also has one of the lowest prices you can find in this smart security cameras list.

4. Arlo Q camera

arlo q

The wired Arlo Q camera from Netgear has a 130-degree field of view, 1080p resolution, and two-way audio support. It also has night vision, and support for continuous 24/7 recording if you desire it. You can mount it on a wall, but there’s also the option to attach it to a surface magnetically. Batteries are not needed as the camera is powered by a standard A/C outlet at home. You can save video on a cloud server for free for seven days. Finally, you can use your Amazon Echo speaker to issue it voice commands. It’s available in a one, two, or three-camera pack on Amazon.

5. Arlo Pro 2 wireless camera

arlo 2 camera

This is a more flexible solution than the Arlo Q. The Arlo Pro 2 wireless indoor/outdoor camera is controlled by a hub. There’s also a wired power option available. Like the Arlo Q, the Arlo Pro 2 has features like night vision, 1080p video resolution, and two-way audio support. In addition, this camera can be set up to generate a loud 100 decibel siren when motion or sound is detected. It can also be controlled via your smartphone app. The Arlo Pro 2 plus a hub, can be bought with up to six cameras at once. However, it’s definitely on the pricy side.

6. Amazon Cloud Cam camera

amazon cloud cam

This simple member of the smart security cameras family still has a lot of great features. It includes 1080 video resolution, night vision support with eight infrared LED lights, and two-way audio. It supports up to 24 hours of motion alert video clips for free, or you can sign up for the paid Cloud Cam Plans. They add features like Smart Alerts, person and audio detection, and support for up to 30 days of saved videos. The camera can even show video feeds on your Fire tablet or Fire TV-based television. The camera can even detect specific sounds like glass breaking, a baby crying, a dog barking, or a smoke/carbon monoxide alarm.

7. Ring Stick Up Smart Security Camera

ring smart security camera

This camera from Amazon is a new version of the Ring device. The wireless camera is made to be placed on a variety of surfaces and locations. It includes two-way audio, 1080p video resolution and live cam support. This Ring camera has a removable and rechargeable battery pack as well. You can also see what’s being shown on the camera with your smartphone or on your Echo Show/Echo Spot smart displays. You can also buy the Ring Stick Up camera with a solar power option for true flexibility.

8. Ring Indoor camera

ring indoor camera

The Ring Indoor camera is the least expensive member of the Ring family. This wired camera has most of the same features as the Ring Stick Up camera, with the exception that it needs a power outlet instead of a battery pack. It still has features like 1080p video resolution, two-way audio, notifications to your smartphone and more. However, the low price is perhaps the biggest feature for this member of the smart security cameras list.

9. Nest Cam – Indoor

nest cam indoor

Google’s family of Nest smart security cameras includes this indoor wired device. It also has many of the same features found on other cameras on this list. That includes 1080p video resolution, two-way audio, notifications to your smartphone and more. It can also work with other Nest compatible smart home devices. For example, it can connect to smart bulbs so that they light up in the event of an intruder or emergency. The camera even includes a magnet for easy set up to a magnetic surface.

10. Nest Cam – Outdoor

nest cam outdoor

The outdoor version of Google Nest camera has most of the same features as the indoor version. The two biggest differences is that this wired camera needs to be mounted outside, and that the camera itself is waterproof. That makes it perfect for people who want to place it next to their main door, garage door or anywhere else outside the home. The camera has two-way audio, supported alerts to your phone and more. Best of all, it’s not that much more expensive than the indoor version.

That’s a look at the best smart security cameras. We’ll keep this listed updated as new cameras come to market.