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The best smart luggage products for traveling in comfort

Travel smartly with these gadgets!
February 7, 2022
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Dealing with tickets, lines, security, driving, and other arrangements makes traveling stressful. Lugging around your belongings makes it no easier, especially if you aren’t using the best smart luggage products. These can make your traveling experience at least a bit smoother, which is significant considering the chaos that traveling implies. We have compiled a list of the best smart luggage products, so keep reading!

The best smart luggage products

Editor’s note: We’ll regularly update this list of the best smart luggage products as new devices launch.


Modobag Best smart luggage products

The Modobag is the most expensive product on this list at nearly $1,500, but it is definitely one of the best smart luggage products, and it’s worth every single penny. You can literally ride it!

Hop on top of the Modobag and pull out the handlebars. The electric scooter/suitcase hybrid can travel at up to 7mph and has about a six-mile range. It can carry up to 260lbs and recharges fully in two hours. The internal battery can also charge your devices with a couple of integrated USB ports. The bag isn’t huge with 2,000 cubic inches of storage space, but I’d happily sacrifice packing volume for this much fun!

Ovis Auto-follow Suitcase

OVIS Auto follow Suitcase

You will love the Ovis Suitcase if you are more of the “set it and forget it” kind. It’s one of the best smart luggage products simply because it can follow you around. It has a 96Wh removable battery that should last about 13 miles on a single charge, and it can reach speeds of up to 6.7mph. Thanks to its two USB ports, it can also charge your devices on the go.

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Other great features include a sturdy construction, a weight sensor, an anti-lost alarm, GPS tracking, and AI vision through an embedded camera (which you can also use for content, by the way). It’s the whole package. While it’s still pricey, it’s not nearly as costly as the Modobag, yet it’s still plenty awesome.

Samsara Next Gen Suitcase with Hotspot

Samsara Next Gen Suitcase with Hotspot

The Samsara Next Gen Suitcase with Hotspot doesn’t have that wow factor you get with the two best smart luggage products listed above, but it is a fantastic tool for those who want to focus on what’s important. The polycarbonate body is both gorgeous and resistant. Not to mention it looks the part.

In terms of intelligent features, you get a battery for charging through an integrated USB-C port. There’s also both GPS and Bluetooth tracking. Not to mention its main feature, which is in the name. This luggage comes with its own hotspot for creating a Wi-Fi network on the go. Pretty cool, right?

Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage

Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage

The best smart luggage products in this list are fun and exciting, but they usually come from new brands we know nothing about. Those who want something from a more reliable brand should look at the Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage. Thanks to the Swiss Army knife maker’s long experience in the field, this carry-on suitcase is resistant.

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It has a built-in locking system and an integrated USB connection that goes from the external port to an interior pocket. The sad part is the battery doesn’t come included. As you can see, the “smart features” are somewhat limited, but you get brand recognition, style, and quality.

Incase ProConnected 4

Incase ProConnected 4 Best smart luggage

If you want something with a more accessible price, but a quality construction and great aesthetics, the Incase ProConnected 4 checks all the boxes. It has a 600D polyester outer design that looks minimalist and elegant. The polycarbonate sections make for a durable body too.

What makes it one of the best smart luggage products isn’t its looks. It’s also not its comprehensive set of features, as it only has one: a battery for charging devices. This is a 20,100mAh unit, though. That can keep your smart devices juiced up for a long time.

XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack

XD Design Bobby Tech Anti Theft Backpack

All these suitcases are nice, but maybe they’re just a bit too much for the backpackers around here. These users prefer… well, a backpack. And while an included battery is nice, it becomes yet another thing you have to charge.

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The XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack eliminates this problem by including a solar panel. Pair it with an excellent portable battery pack, and you should be set for any adventure. It also happens to be a mighty good-looking backpack made with quality materials!

Planet Traveler USA Smart Tech Case

Planet Traveler USA Smart Tech Case

The Planet Traveler USA Smart Tech Case is for those who want intelligent security features for their luggage. These come with an integrated tracking system and a year of service for free. You can locate the unit using the app, regardless of where in the world the suitcase is.

Additionally, the suitcase features a digital scale, and it works without having to lift it. It’s otherwise a very well-made case. It’s made of resistant polycarbonate and has a lovely design.

Airbolt Smart Lock

AirBolt Smart Lock

If you already have a suitcase or bag you love, maybe the best way to turn it into one of the best smart luggage products is to use a smart lock. The Airbolt Smart Lock can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. You can lock/unlock it, create backup button codes, give access to family members, and keep track of who has interacted with the lock. You also get separation alerts and crowdsourced location tracking.

The unit can be charged via micro-USB, but you won’t be doing that much since battery life is estimated at 12 months. The best part is it doesn’t need to be used only for your luggage. You can put these on your keys, backpack, purse, or even kids.

Tile Pro

tile pro black and white next to plant
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Talking about crowdsourced location tracking, Tile is often considered the king of this market. The Tile Pro is the best one available right now, and it works via Bluetooth. Battery life lasts a whole year. Tile trackers can be ringed for easier finding when connected to your smartphone. Likewise, pressing a button on the tracker can help you find your phone.

The app is also smart enough to remember where you last left your Tile. If you still happen to lose it, any other Tile user who gets close to it will update its location. It helps that this specific model features a 400ft range, which is outstanding for a Bluetooth tracker. It’s one of the best smart luggage products for keeping your belongings secure.

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This one’s a little larger than the previous Tile Pro, but it comes with pretty good features, and it’s your best bet for finding your luggage when it’s lost. If you want more peace of mind, you can also sign up for Tile’s Premium plans, which offer reimbursement in case you can’t find a tag and what it’s attached to.

A good battery pack

otterbox folding wireless power bank on table showing ports and charging pixel buds
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You’ll notice there’s a bit of a trend in this list of the best smart luggage products: most of them put a big focus on charging your devices. This makes sense. Trips can be long, and finding an outlet is not always convenient (or possible). We can’t recommend a portable battery pack enough, and there are some great options out there. We have a list of the best ones, which you can access through the link below.

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