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GE Lighting C The best smart lamps

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Adding smart bulbs to lighting fixtures is a fast way to introduce homeowners to the smart home trend, but it’s far from the only option. There are also smart lamps available and many of them are designed to do more than just light up a room. They can serve as replacements for alarms, help with home security, and even make you feel better.

Here’s is a look at the best smart lamps that are currently available. Keep in mind that some of these devices may require a smart speaker, smart display, or a compatible smartphone to fully function.

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The best smart lamps:

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list of the best smart lamps regularly.

1. Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Go portable smart light angle view

Philips’s Hue brand is the leader in the smart lighting industry, so it’s no shock this list of the best smart lamps has plenty of Philips Hue products. The Philips Hue Go portable light is a hybrid between a smart lamp and smart bulb. You can use it as a night light, or take advantage of its many available colors to set the mood.

It can be operated both via Bluetooth and Zigbee. This means it needs no hub, but having one will unlock certain features you might want. These include lighting schedules and remote control. The battery is said to last as much as 18 hours on a full charge. This is definitely one of the best smart lamps around.

2. Hugoai smart lamp

hugoal smart lamp

This product is an affordable wired smart lamp with an ample feature set. The Hugoai smart table lamp connects to your local Wi-Fi network. With the assistance of the free smartphone app, this lamp can be controlled to generate light in up to 16 million colors.

The brightness of the light can be changed from 3% to 100% and the color temperature range is between 2000K to 4000K. If you have an Alexa or Google Assistant-powered device, you can use your voice for additional control features.

3. Phillips Hue white table lamp

philips hue white

If you want a pretty basic smart lamp that doesn’t support millions of colors, the Phillips Hue white table lamp may be for you. It’s designed to help create the perfect light setting for any mood or activity. The light can be changed on the Hue app, or via voice control with a smart speaker.

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Some of the lighting settings are better for reading, while others are good for relaxing. You can customize the light’s brightness to help you get energized, or to help you concentrate on work. In addition, The Hue app can control the lights remotely. As a result, the lights can turn on or off while away from home. Keep in mind you will also need to get the Hue Smart Hub to also control the lamp.

4. Cevitor Wi-Fi Table Lamp

Cevitor Wi Fi Table Lamp

Many of us have a fascination for classic-looking smart products, and aesthetics don’t get more conservative than the Cevitor Wi-Fi Table Lamp’s. This smart lamp won’t look out of place. The wooden accents and cloth cover are great at stopping the smart lamp from looking like some futuristic contraption. It’s smart enough to feature Alexa controls, and the price is very welcoming.

5. Lighting Ever smart lamp

lighting ever

Here’s another lamp that doesn’t need an additional hardware device to work. The Lighting Ever smart lamp is perfect for homeowners who want a simple lamp to set up. Just set up the lamp with your Wi-Fi network and you will be set.

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You can trigger a previously programmed lighting scheme with the free smartphone app, or you can turn it on or off remotely. In addition to millions of color choices, the white shades from the lamp can vary from 2000K to 5700K. Of course, you can also control the lamp with your voice, via a smart speaker that supports Alexa or Google Assistant.

6. Amazon Echo Glow

echo glow smart lamp

This is a bit different than the rest because the main target audience is kids. It also happens to be Amazon’s first-ever smart lamp. The Amazon Echo Glow, when paired with an Echo smart speaker, is an excellent companion for children. For example, it has a rainbow timer, which serves as a kind of countdown clock for kids.

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It can remind them to go to bed, or to take a shower, or anything you want. Kids can create their own color choices, and they can also control the lights with their voices. It’s also pretty affordable too.

7. GE Lighting C

GE Lighting C smart lamp

The GE Lighting C is easily the most interesting of all smart lamps in this list, thanks to its very unique design. It’s a circular table lamp reminiscent of fan-less fans. Aside from the cool design, which is bound to start some conversations, it has plenty of smart features and a surprisingly low price.

You can use it as an Alexa smart assistant device. It has an integrated speaker, microphone, and everything an Echo device needs to function. This means it can double as your smart speaker and be used to do anything Alexa can handle, as well as controlling the lighting.

8. Globe Electric Smart Table Lamp

Globe Electric Smart Table Lamp

This is another contender for outstanding designs in this list of the best smart lamps, and it isn’t too expensive either. Its features include the ability to control the lamp from anywhere using the included app. It also helps that no hub is required and the smart lamp can connect directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network. A plethora of colors is supported, as well as dimming and voice controls.

9. Lanicho Floor Lamp

Lanicho Floor Lamp

If you don’t have a table, desk, or any other flat surface to place your smart lamp on, you might want to get something like this Lanicho floor lamp. It has a classic look and smart features that will make your life very convenient. It can be controlled with an app, as well as Amazon Alexa. Brightness and white temperature are both customizable, and you can even pick between 16 million colors to create some ambiance.

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10. Marrado Bedside Lamp

Marrado Bedside light

The Marrado Bedside Lamp may not support Alexa, Google Assistant, or remote connections, but it makes up for those downsides with great functionality. The lamp can be controlled via Bluetooth, has RGB lighting customization, and is touch sensitive. What’s better is it comes with an integrated speaker and a 2,000mAh battery. This means it can double as your speaker and needs no connection to an outlet!