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The best smart lamps you can buy right now

We've got lamps to match many different rooms and purposes.
February 15, 2023
The Echo Glow surrounded by Christmas decorations.
Roger Fingas / Android Authority

Many people default to smart bulbs when it comes to lighting a smart home, but they’re far from the only option. Smart lamps offer an all-in-one approach — often with extra style — and some of them do more than illuminate a room. They can replace alarm clocks, augment your home security, or even improve your sleep patterns.

Here’s a look at some of the best smart lamps currently available. Keep in mind that some of them may require a smart speaker, smart display, and/or a compatible smartphone for full functionality.

The best smart lamps:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best smart lamps regularly.

1. Philips Hue Go

The Philips Hue Go smart lamp

Philips Hue is the leader in the smart lighting industry, so it’s no shock that a few of its lamps made this list. The Hue Go operates as both a wired and portable lamp, in the latter case running anywhere from 2.5 to 18 hours depending on mode and brightness settings. When you’re away from Wi-Fi the lamp can be controlled via Bluetooth and the Hue app, or else by tapping a rear button that cycles through presets.

At home you can connect the lamp to a Hue Smart Hub to enable support for Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home, plus broader Hue features like scheduling, remote control, and PC or TV media sync. The Hub is sold separately, but if you’re already in the Hue ecosystem, chances are you’ve got one.

2. Hugoai Smart Table Lamp

hugoal smart lamp

This wired, low-power (450-lumen) smart lamp is cheap for its format, yet nevertheless covers the bases. It connects directly to Wi-Fi, and using its smartphone app, it supports a standard 16 million colors. If you have an Alexa or Google Home-powered device, you can use voice and automation controls.

3. Phillips SmartSleep Connected

Philips SmartSleep

As its name implies, the SmartSleep Connected is intended to sit by your bedside and improve sleep, not light up an entire room. You can customize sunset and sunrise schedules and the lamp will simulate cycles to match, or else you can choose various patterns and sounds when setting alarms. Its AmbiTrack sensor monitors temperature, noise, light, and humidity levels.

The lamp replaces many other bedside gadgets by incorporating a clock, FM radio, and phone charging dock. You’ll need a phone with Philips’ SleepMapper app to take advantage of advanced alarm settings.

4. Philips Hue Gradient Signe Table Lamp

Philips Hue Gradient Signe table lamp
Philips Hue

Deviating from traditional form factors, the Hue Gradient Signe casts light using a vertical strip, which is both aesthetically appealing and a space saver. You can buy it in both table and floor versions, but the table lamp is significantly cheaper and fits more locations, like desks and endtables. “Gradient” refers to the fact that it can project multiple flowing colors simultaneously.

Like the Hue Go, you can use the Signe solely with Bluetooth and the Hue app, but you’ll almost certainly want to pair it with a Hue Smart Hub. That brings expanded control and automations, including Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Home support.

At $220, the Gradient Signe is expensive and arguably overpriced. In return though you get high quality, and Hue integration if your home is already equipped with the brand.

5. Lepro Smart Table Lamp

The Lepro Smart Table Lamp 2021

The Lepro Smart Table Lamp is another no-frills option. Once you’ve connected it to Wi-Fi, you control it directly through its official mobile app, or else hook it into Alexa and Google Home for voice control and more complex automations. 

Lepro’s app does support timers, schedules, and scenes, so that platform integration is purely optional. There’s also manual button operation, so you can treat it as a “dumb” lamp whenever you feel like it.

6. Amazon Echo Glow

echo glow

This one’s a bit different than the rest because the main audience is kids, and it happens to be Amazon’s first-ever smart lamp. When paired with an Echo speaker or display, the Echo Glow is an excellent bedroom accessory. You can cycle colors simply by tapping on it, and voice commands include a “rainbow timer” for tasks like getting dressed. In Alexa routines, you can optionally disable tapping so kids won’t interfere, though they can still turn power on and off.

As you’d hope, the Glow is durable, affordable, and compatible with most of the commands and routines other Alexa-based lights support. Just be aware that it’s not particularly bright, so you’ll need another lamp as a room’s primary light source. Us adults may find it best suited as a nightlight.

7. Casper Glow Light

The Casper Glow Light on a nightstand

Somehow we have yet another “Glow” lamp, this time from Casper, the mattress company. Appropriately the Glow Light is purpose-built for sleep. Flip it upside-down and the lamp will turn on bright, fading out over 45 minutes. Wiggle it and it becomes a nightlight you can carry to the bathroom or nursery without disturbing anyone.

You can also adjust it for non-sleep purposes, for instance by twisting it it to control brightness. The Casper Glow app for Android or iOS is required for full control, including syncing multiple Glow Lights and/or scheduling a morning wakeup routine.

8. Globe Electric Smart Table Lamp

Globe Electric Smart Table Lamp

This table lamp may not be as impressive as the Hue Gradient Signe, but it’s a fraction of the cost. Its features include app-, Alexa-, and Google Home-based control, as well as Siri support, though not HomeKit. It connects directly to Wi-Fi and supports a wide range of colors. An extended floor version exists if you need it.

9. Aasonida LED Desk Lamp

smart led lamp

Aasonida’s product is purpose-built for desks and nightstands. It includes just three color modes and six brightness levels, but it’s very cheap, and nevertheless offers Wi-Fi control via an app, Alexa, or Google Home. What sweetens the deal is the ability to charge your smartphone via a USB port or a 10W wireless charging base.

10. Govee Lyra Floor Lamp

Govee Lyra floor lamp

If you like the design of the Hue Gradient Signe floor lamp but find its price outrageous, Govee has a reputation as being the one of the best ecosystem alternatives to Philips Hue — some of its products are shameless copies, like this one. The main sacrifices with Govee are HomeKit support and a hub, the second of which would keep automations running offline and reduce the burden on your Wi-Fi network.

Having said that, the Govee Lyra still supports Alexa and Google Home, and boasts over 64 scene modes, plus music and custom color patterns. Output is rated up to 1,500 lumens, so it can get extremely bright.