If you have not noticed, Apple’s personal assistant Siri, has basically become one of the coolest things to do on a smartphone. So where does that leave all of us Android people? Perhaps a little bit jealous. Although Google’s voice search commands were created first, “You Don’t Have To Be First, You Just Have To Be The Best”. Since we know that you are not switching to an iPhone just for Siri, we have a great list of apps that will “assist” you on your Android device thanks to InfoWorld.

EVA Intern

EVA Intern is a very nice “Siri” alternative for Android users. Some of the main features are shake to activate, expense reports, flashlight, making calls, sending texts, social posting, and much more. The only drawbacks of EVA is that it will run you $8.99 after the trial ends, and it is not completely integrated into the operating system. Otherwise, for $8.99, this is a very good option.



Iris is Siri spelled backwards and was created in just 8 hours. In addition to being completely free from the Android Market, they have been pushing out updates ever since Apple released Siri and now, their application offers:

  • Call someone
  • Text someone
  • Search something (on the web)
  • Lookup for a contact


Iris (alpha)

There you have it, two of the best personal assistants from the Android Market. Although they cannot stand up to Siri being integrated into iOS, EVA and EVAN are very good applications. In addition, you can try them free for 28 days before having to pay $8.99. After the trial ends, even if you don’t feel the need to pay for a personal assistant, Iris is completely free and “makes your phone talk on topics ranging from Einstein to Mozart.”

Do you think voice actions are here to stay, or are they just more of a novelty?

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