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Sometimes, you need more than a new superhero movie or a new comedy series to watch on Hulu. You may feel the need to watch something that has more mature themes. So what are the best sexy movies on Hulu? That’s just what we will reveal in this article.

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Best sexy movies on Hulu

Editor’s note: We will add and remove films from our best sexy Hulu movies list when needed.

1. Sex, Guaranteed

This 2017 comedy centers on Kevin, a man who has sworn off having sex after his fiance left him. However, his friend tells him to come to a party where he claimed he will get guaranteed sex. Things get more interesting when Kevin meets a very sexy escort, and then the fun begins in all sorts of unexpected ways,

2. Sex Ed

Haley Joel Osment plays a high school teacher in this 2014 sexy comedy. His students don’t have any kind of sex education class, so he decides to teach one. Things get interesting when he starts to fall for the sister of one of his students, and his class gets protested by a fundamentalist preacher.

3. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

This story is loosely based on the real life of William Moulton Marston. He was the co-creator of Wonder Woman, and in this movie, we see how he was inspired to create the character from both his wife and his mistress. Their polyamorous relationship makes this one of the best sexy Hulu movies.

4. A Teacher

This 2013 indie movie didn’t get a ton of press at the time. However, its simple story of a young female high school teacher who gets intimate with one of her students has received more attention over the years. Hulu and FX recently released a 10-episode TV adaptation of the movie, which is also well worth watching.

5. The Swing of Things

This is a very recent 2020 movie. A couple heads to Jamaica in order to get married in four days. Unfortunately, the resort they have booked for the wedding is hosting a swingers event at the same time. Needless to say, high jinks of the sexy kind begin quickly.

6. 2nd Date Sex

First dates are almost always awkward, but the second date can get more interesting. This 2019 UK comedy shows a new couple about to go out on a second date, and the idea is that they will have sex at some point during the date? Will they? Won’t they? 

7. The Escort

A journalist who also happens to be a sex addict is looking for a job. He decides to follow a high-priced escort as the basis for a story idea that could get him hired by a major media outlet. However, he slowly starts to fall in love for the escort in this 2017 comedy.

8. Life Like

We end this list with a 2019 sci-fi movie. In the near future, we have learned to build androids that look, and seem to act, just like real humans. A married couple with relationship issues decides to buy one of these androids to help around the house. However, this male android slowly begins to learn about the couple’s secret desires, and things take a turn to the dark side.

That’s our list of the best sexy movies on Hulu. Again, we will update this list as more films worthy of the list are added.

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