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The best sexy movies on Hulu to watch at night

It's time to put the kids to bed and start streaming some sexy movies.
August 12, 2022
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Sometimes, you need more than a new superhero movie or a new comedy series to watch on Hulu. You may feel the need to watch something that has more mature themes. So what are the best sexy movies on Hulu? That’s just what we will reveal in this article.

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Best sexy movies on Hulu

Editor’s note: We will add and remove films from our best sexy Hulu movies list when needed.

Sex, Guaranteed

This 2017 comedy centers on Kevin, a man who has sworn off having sex after his fiance left him. However, his friend tells him to come to a party where he claimed he will get guaranteed sex. Things get more interesting when Kevin meets a very sexy escort, and then the fun begins in all sorts of unexpected ways.

Sex Ed

Haley Joel Osment plays a high school teacher in this 2014 sexy comedy. His students don’t have any kind of sex education class, so he decides to teach one. Things get interesting when he starts to fall for the sister of one of his students, and his class gets protested by a fundamentalist preacher.


This story is loosely based on the real-life of Mary Anning, played in the 2020 movie by Kate Winslet. She was a palaeontologist in the 19th century, a profession that was dominated at the time by men. The movie shows a time in her life when she is barely making a living. She needs money and says yes when asked by a man to help take care of his wife, Charlotte Murchison, played by Saoirse Ronan. This movie depicts a romantic relationship between the two women. The performances by Winslet and Ronan, and their hidden relationship, make this one of the best sexy Hulu movies.


Rachel Weiss and Rachel McAdams steam up the screen in this 2017 movie. Weiss plays a woman who returns to London and its Orthodox Jewish community after many years away. She’s back to attend her father’s funeral but soon rekindles a forbidden (by the church) romance with an old friend, played by McAdams.

Deep Water

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas star in this Hulu original movie from 2022. They play a married couple with a little girl, but they also have an agreement; they sleep apart and de Armas’s character can openly take any lover she wants. However, things start to get very dangerous when some of her partners are later found dead.

The Swing of Things

This is a very recent 2020 movie. A couple heads to Jamaica in order to get married in four days. Unfortunately, the resort they have booked for the wedding is hosting a swingers event at the same time. Needless to say, high jinks of the sexy kind begin quickly.

A Nice Girl Like You

In this 2020 movie, Lucy Hale plays a young woman who breaks up with her boyfriend after he accuses her of not being into sex in general. She decides to create a “sex to-do list” so she can improve her own attitude and also find a man that appreciates her.

The Escort

A journalist who also happens to be a sex addict is looking for a job. He decides to follow a high-priced escort as the basis for a story idea that could get him hired by a major media outlet. However, he slowly starts to fall in love with the escort in this 2017 comedy.


Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, and Lili Reinhart star in this 2019 movie that’s based on true events. It centers on a number of strippers in New York City who decide to drug their very rich stock broker customers and run up their credit cards to get rich. Obviously, this crime ring starts to fall apart pretty quickly.

Kissing Jessica Stein

In this classic indie 2002 comedy, a straight woman is striking out on the New York City dating scene with men. However, she then meets a bisexual woman who may turn out to be the perfect person for her.

Sexy movies on Hulu — Honorable mentions

Here are a few more sexy movies on Hulu that didn’t quite make our main best list:

  • OnlyFans: Selling Sexy — This original Hulu documentary takes a look at the rise of the OnlyFans website, where anyone can offer NSFW videos and photos of themselves and make money off them.
  • The World To Come – Vanessa Kirby and Katherine Waterson play lonely women who find love with each other in the 19th century remote Northwest US.
  • Sex Appeal – In this Hulu original, an overachieving teenage girl wants to “master” sex to be totally prepared for her first time.
  • The Object of my Affection – Jennifer Aniston plays a straight woman who falls in love with her gay roommate, played by Paul Rudd.
  • The Unicorn – In this comedy, an engaged couple discover what’s really important in a marriage during a wild night.

That’s our list of the best sexy movies on Hulu. Again, we will update this list as more films worthy of the list are added.