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The best Pixel 7 Pro screen protectors

Keep your Pixel 7 Pro's display clean and scratch-free with a proper screen protector.

Published onApril 14, 2023

Google Pixel 7 Pro in hand showing a bright homescreen wallpaper on an orange background
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is one of the best-looking smartphones you can buy. It features a beautiful high-refresh AMOLED display that gets very bright and is plenty pixel-dense at 512 ppi. Because it looks so great, you don’t want to mar its high-end look or feel with accidental scratches, cracks, or nicks. That said, because its display edges are curved, finding a satisfactory screen protector for the Pixel 7 Pro is a challenge to say the least. It’s no secret that tempered glass screen protectors typically don’t play nice with curved screens. Luckily, there are a few great options for protecting your Pixel 7 Pro. Let’s review the best Pixel 7 Pro screen protectors you can buy.

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The best screen protectors for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

OtterBox Alpha Flex

OtterBox’s Alpha Flex plastic screen protector is durable and adds drop protection to the front side of your phone. It also features an antimicrobial treatment to help resist germs and bacteria. 

As an OtterBox product, it comes with a premium in terms of price. However, that works in its favor, as the OtterBox limited lifetime warranty is included in that price. Screen protectors are prone to damage, so it always helps to know you have a warranty-backed product.

IMBZBK UV Tempered Glass

The first import option on our list, the IMBZBK UV Tempered Glass is one of the top tempered glass screen protectors available for the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Most screen protectors for curved screens are film or plastic, which cannot fully duplicate the smooth, glassy texture of the device’s original touchscreen display. The few tempered glass screen protectors that are out there for screens with waterfall edges typically have negative reviews because the edges don’t fully reach or they start lifting up.

There are plenty of curved tempered glass screen protectors and UV options, but what makes this one great is that it is clear all the way around. Many of these tempered glass options feature black bars around the edges, which users may find a bit annoying. The fact that this one sticks well to the curved screen, functions well with the under-screen fingerprint reader, and is also fully clear makes this one of the best screen protectors on the market for the Pixel 7 Pro.

Fangtian Guard Tempered Glass

When you’re looking into tempered glass screen protectors for devices with curved edges, your options will be more limited. However, Fangtian Guard’s solution is one many will find satisfactory. It comes with an installation guidance frame for a smoother application experience. It also — and this is very important — features a separate kind of glue for the under-screen fingerprint reader area. After installation, this area will look a bit different, but it also makes the fingerprint reader work much better than with other screen protectors that don’t have that section set apart. Many tempered glass screen protectors are notorious for impeding the ability of the device to read fingerprints. You won’t have that issue with this screen protector, though you must deal with those black bars at the top and bottom.


Another import option, this tempered glass screen protector from UIYTRAESTING does what the Fangtian Guard set does, but at a lower cost. It has that closer-set fingerprint area, and will give your Pixel 7 Pro that added scratch and scuff protection while remaining glassy to the touch. The way that this screen protector is more tentatively cut, it also plays nicely with most cases, covers, and skins for the Pixel 7 Pro. If that’s important to you, this case-friendly tempered glass option might be your best bet.

Armor Suit MilitaryShield

The Pixel 7 Pro’s curved glass can make finding a suitable screen protector challenging. However, the Armor Suit MilitaryShield case-friendly film for the Pixel 7 Pro offers a flexible solution that accommodates the device’s curved edges. This film sits close to the screen, allowing the under-screen fingerprint reader to easily recognize your fingerprints through the film.


The LK TPU film for the Pixel 7 Pro includes two screen protectors and two camera lens protectors with installation tools. The screen protector maintains a smooth touch while also being thin and durable. The way it’s cut is also quite case-friendly.

Spigen NeoFlex

Spigen‘s screen protector offering for the Pixel 7 Pro has been met with mixed reviews. However, the bottom line is that it’s a thin film that provides solid coverage for the device’s curved screen, from edge to edge. Its liquid installation method will inevitably take more time than most tempered glass screen protectors, but because it’s a film that sits close to the display, the fingerprint reader will work optimally. It is optimized for compatibility with all Spigen cases.

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