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The best Samsung SmartThings devices: Going all in on Samsung's ecosystem

We have put together a list of the best Samsung SmartThings devices you can find. Let's help you make the right purchases!
May 15, 2021
Samsung SmartThings
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

There are many great reasons to invest in a smart home, but dilemmas arise when finding the right platform. If you have decided Samsung’s the right way to go for your smart home, we have put together a list of the best Samsung SmartThings devices you can find. We have you covered whether you want to get some smart light bulbs or want a completely decked-out smart home with all the bells and whistles.

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The best Samsung SmartThings devices:

Editor’s note: This list of the best Samsung SmartThings devices will be regularly updated as new devices launch and others are phased out.

1. Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi

Samsung SmartThings Wi Fi

First things first: Samsung SmartThings requires a hub. You can get a regular Samsung SmartThings Hub, but we recommend that you go with the Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi for added convenience. This works as both a Wi-Fi router and a SmartThings Hub, which proves to be a great two-in-one deal that will work perfectly unless you have a reason to prefer another router.

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What’s best is this is no slouch. The Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi is not just a regular router; it’s a mesh router. This means you can buy multiple to expand your Wi-Fi signal to all corners of your home.

2. Philips Hue smart bulbs

Philips Hue light bulb 2
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

We recommend plenty of smart light bulbs, but we can easily say Philips Hue lights are among the best Samsung SmartThings devices for most consumers. These offer quality, variety, and are available from a plethora of stores and online retailers. You see them everywhere!

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A hub is required, but that’s what the Samsung SmartThings hub is for. Not to mention newer Philips light bulbs also feature Bluetooth connectivity. The wide variety of lights that Philips has on offer can all be controlled by the SmartThings app. If you have a smart speaker, these bulbs can also be controlled using the Google Home and Amazon Echo devices. When looking at buying options, you don’t need to get a starter kit, as the Hue Bridge won’t be required. This will save you some good cash.

3. Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

Philips Hue smart light bulbs are great, but they can get costly. Sengled smart lights are affordable and convenient. The basic ones get the job done, as long as you don’t want fancy features like multi-color lighting. Sengled offers higher-end options if you’re interested, though.

4. Sonos Move

The Sonos Move Wi-Fi bluetooth smart speaker in black against a velvet couch.
Adam Molina / Android Authority

Sonos is known for its connected speakers, and the Sonos Move is definitely one of the best Samsung SmartThings devices you can find. It will fill any room with powerful sound, and it can also be paired with other Sonos speakers. These also don’t skimp on connectivity. Aside from using its own app, it works with Apple Airplay, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. Not to mention they’re battery-operated and can be moved around the home!

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5. Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Samsung SmartThings Wi Fi Smart Plug

The Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a simple, affordable, and very convenient product. The unit acts as a mediator between your outlet and any appliance. After connecting it to your Wi-Fi network, it can be controlled and either block or allow electricity to run to anything connected. This means you can turn any lamp or electronic device into a smart one.

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Another great alternative we recommend is the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug. It’s usually a little cheaper and works just as well.

6. Nest Learning Thermostat

google nest learning thermostat 3rd gen

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the most popular device of its kind, and it’s definitely one of the best Samsung SmartThings devices you can get. This device can be plugged in anywhere you use a traditional thermostat. It offers heating and cooling modes. It also allows you to use an app or voice assistants to control the temperature, but that’s not really what makes it special. Nest also tries to learn your routines and adapts to them to save energy.

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7. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

A great way to bolster your smart home security is with a video doorbell. Leading the way is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which is easily one of the best Samsung SmartThings devices. It lets you see, hear, and talk to anyone who shows up at your door using your smartphone, tablet, or even a smart TV. It supports up to 1080p video and provides crystal-clear video at night as well.

8. Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Of course, you will also need some security cameras, and these make for some of the best Samsung SmartThings devices. Ring Stick Up Cam wireless cameras are designed to work both inside and outside your house and feature night vision and two-way audio that will let you scare off intruders. You can watch live video streams remotely and also access recordings. Because it uses a battery and connects to Wi-Fi, you also don’t need complicated installations or long cables.

There are definitely better smart security cameras out there, but we believe this one offers the best bang for your buck. We have a list of the best options if you’re looking for something different, though. 

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9. Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z Wave Best Samsung SmartThings devices

The Yale Assure Lock SL works with Z-Wave systems, including Samsung’s. This is easily one of the best Samsung SmartThings devices if you are looking to secure your home while also making it more convenient to access it. You can remotely lock, unlock, set multiple pins, and get notifications. It also works with Alexa and supports voice commands.

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10. Amazon Echo device

Amazon Echo 4th gen hero
Adam Molina / Android Authority

You may have noticed a trend here. Most of the best Samsung SmartThings devices also support Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. You might want to get yourself one! They have a bevy of options. You can learn more about them by clicking the button below.

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