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Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen protectors

Want to protect the display on your Galaxy Note 9? Here are our picks for the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen protectors.
April 27, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 had a huge 6.4-inch AMOLED display that was the best ever made when the device launched back in 2018. Of course, Samsung has since replaced the Note line with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the point still stands. It makes perfect sense for owners to protect that display from scratches and breaks, especially for how much the Note 9 retails for. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen protectors y0u can buy.

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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen protectors:

Otterbox Alpha Glass Galaxy Note 9 screen protector

note 9 otterbox screen protector

Otterbox, one of the most well-known case makers, also makes some tough screen protectors. This tempered glass product gives owners of the phone excellent clarity when viewing content on the display. At the same time, it is also supposed to retain the screen’s touch responsiveness while also keeping the display from scratches or shattering. 

Spigen NeoFlex Galaxy Note 9 screen protector

note 9 spigen neoflex

Another popular phone case maker, Spigen, also makes screen protectors at affordable prices. The Neoflex for the Galaxy Note 9 includes a flexible film designed to fit the phone’s big curved screen. However, it’s also made from six different layers and materials to ensure that the Note 9’s display is kept safe from scratches and fingerprints. If you own one of the many Spigen cases for the Note 9, this protector should work perfectly with them. 

TechArmor Galaxy Note 9 screen protector

note 9 techarmor

This Note 9 screen protector comes from TechArmor and is made from Asahi branded Japanese glass, along with silicone adhesives, which should make applying the protector pretty easy and provide for excellent display clarity. The top and bottom edges of the protector have also been designed, so there should be little to no issues when you add a third-party case. Of course, it has a limited lifetime warranty as well.

Skinomi TechSkin Galaxy Note 9 screen protector

note 9 skinomi

The Skinomi brand is yet one that’s famous for its quality screen protectors, and its Galaxy Note 9 guard is no exception. It’s made of military-grade thermoplastic urethane, which has been designed to absorb impact from a fall. It will also protect the big display from issues like scratches and UV light. In fact, this protector is supposed to offer “self-healing” that can even fix scratches. The protector also has a unique adhesive that allows it to completely adhere to the Note 9’s screen when it is put in place by its wet installation process. 

AmFilm tempered glass Galaxy Note 9 screen protector

galaxy note 9 amfilm screen protector

AmFilm’s tempered glass screen protector is yet another tough and ready option that should keep your phablet safe from harm. The protector itself is curved to match the display of the Note 9, and the 9H hardness rating means it should stand up to scratches and scrapes with no problem. It’s coated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer, so you shouldn’t see much in the way of smudges or fingerprints, but they should wipe away easily if they do show up.

Armorsuit Galaxy Note 9 screen protector

note 9 armorsuit screen protector

This Note 9 display protector from Armorsuit offers some budget-friendly peace of mind in an ultra-clear TPU package. It offers edge-to-edge protection on the left and right sides, though you’ll have to position it just below the front camera setup. The film itself comprises five compressed layers for solid protection against scratches and scrapes, but you won’t lose any touchscreen sensitivity. You can sleep soundly knowing that a self-healing coating should help minimize the apperance of scratches if they do happen.

BodyGuardz Pure Arc

note 9 bodyguardz protector

This tempered glass screen protector from BodyGuardz includes an etched, matte surface that the company claims offer the clearest anti-glare features for such a product. That means you should have no issues with viewing any content on your Note 9’s screen. At the same time, you should also have no problems with interacting with the phone’s display with this screen protector. BodyGuardz has a free Advantage Program that offers free lifetime replacements for their products, including their Note 9 screen protector.

IQ Shield Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

note 9 iqshield screen protector

The folks at IQ Shield have created a screen protector for the Galaxy Note 9 that it says uses a new process to make a single layer of film that is both flexible and tough at the same time. It also is supposed to include high sensitivity to the touch, along with self-healing properties. The screen protector also won’t yellow over time. Finally, you can apply this screen protector to the Note 9 with the company’s wet-install method for easy and bubble-free installation.