One of the biggest reasons why we always carry around our Android devices is for information. It is our handy companion that’s always ready to help us find places through GPS, find the latest market trends, check out the latest news, and many others.

Not long ago we depend on newspapers for the latest news. Now that we have the web, most of the time we just pull up a browser to check out the latest news, which became better through the birth of RSS. RSS simplified the way we access the news.

Having RSS around for quite some time now, for sure many of you are already using this. And most likely many of you have already been looking for a good RSS reader app that you can use in your Android device. Choosing the best one from a number of RSS readers in the Android Market might be cumbersome. You can install and try out each of the RSS readers found in the Android Market or you can read on for some tips on which one is best for you.


It is one of the best RSS readers which you can use in either your Android smartphone or tablet. The user interface of this app is very functional and straightforward. You will be able to group your news feeds into categories like the website where it came from. One of the great features you can find in this app is the Search where you can look for a feed on the list. It also has this common feature where you can share an article through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Get gReader from the Android Market.

Google Reader

This is the official RSS reader from Google and is one of the best out there. This app has never been flashy but is rich with useful features you expect on an RSS reader. The app is the easiest to configure since it already knows your Google account when installed in your Android device. The swipe or slide navigation feature is one of the best. You just have to swipe to go to the next article; it’s very similar to flipping through the pages of a newspaper or a book.

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FeedSquares for Google Reader

This app does not adhere to the usual RSS reader UI where you will see a list of articles instead you will see boxes that will have a snapshot of the article.

The UI of this app is refreshingly new and quite nice at that. One of the downside of this app though is the speed; it’s a bit slower compared to other RSS readers.

Get FeedSquares for Google Reader from the Android Market.

Pulse News

FeedSquares’ unique UI is a great feature, but Pulse News is taking it a notch higher. The intuitive app design sets it apart from the typical RSS reader.

Pulse News is not your average RSS reader–the UI is not that simple but far from being overly complicated either. It incorporates visuals to a typical RSS reader, making it more lively than the usual.

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The app is considered one of the most powerful RSS readers. The app is superior when it comes to syncing RSS feeds.

It is also one of the fastest RSS readers for Android. Like many RSS readers, its UI is simple and uncluttered.

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Some Final Words

Now that you already have some idea on how these RSS readers work, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, you can already decide which one to use. You need not install them all just to test which one fits your needs.

Each one of us will always have different preferences when it comes to our Android apps. The best thing to do in choosing the best RSS reader app is to consider the hardware of your Android device. If you have a smartphone with smaller screen, it will be best to go for those apps with simple UI–they will look nicer on smaller screens. Apps with heavy graphics would be best run on a device with a dual-core processor to take care of the graphics processing.

Do you use any of these RSS readers? What RSS reader do you use?