As it is, Honeycomb pretty much has everything you need in a tablet interface. It has a lot of outstanding features like the Action Bar, 3D homescreens, visual multitasking and System Bar. Despite that, you still might have that itch to create your own personalized space in your Android 3.0 tablet. Here are some apps to help you tweak your UI and system to your liking.



1. Beautiful Widgets (free, €1.49 to buy)

It’s no lie; these widgets are indeed beautiful. If you’ve been looking for some great looking clocks, weather, toggle and battery widgets, this is the one to get.


2. Wizz (free)

If you crave for information on your homescreen, Wizz delivers your fix. It features Facebook, Twitter, Calendar and Google Reader widgets and stacks.


3. Make Your Clock Widget HD Pro (€1.39)

It’s a fully skinnable clock that has everything from adjustable sizes to custom font colors and heights. If you all you want is a nice clock for your Honeycomb, this might just fit the bill.


4. Extended Controls ($1.13)

If you need Honeycomb-supported toggle widgets, here’s Extended Controls. I’ve used it before and I especially like the way it has everything from disabling wifi to one-tap reboot for rooted tablets.



5. Tablet Keyboard (free, $0.99 to buy)

Keyboards for tablets need some rethinking. After all, unlike your regular keyboard, a tablet is held with two hands and not resting on a surface most of the time. This aptly-named device seems to be on this issue, offering a nice split keyboard for both portrait and landscape view as well as a regular keyboard if you need it. Special mention: Thumb Keyboard ($2.49)


6. Swiftkey ($4.99)

Swiftkey also put some thought into their keyboard, and a lot of it. More than a keyboard, it can predict your next word, has finely tuned typing styles and hosts cloud-based personalization.



7. Multipicture Live Wallpaper (free)

This app gives you a different wallpaper for each homescreen, just the way you like it.  You can even make it transparent, choose random walls and manually change the pic on double tap.


8. Twisted Colors (free)

Another nice live wallpaper for Honeycomb, Twisted Colors adds some abstraction to your dreary homescreen. Hypnotic.



9. Xoom Stars ($0.99)

A simple scrolling live wallpaper of stars. Perfect for night sky gazers and Starfleet captains alike.


10. Tablet Wallpapers (free)

Personally, I favor the less flashy single wallpapers. Tablet Wallpapers helps in that search and you can pick from a wide array of Honeycomb-optimized walls right on your device.



11. ADWLauncher EX ($3.31)

This app basically skins your homescreen, adding a lot of new features, a custom dock and animations.


Other Tweaks

12. Tablet CPU Usage Monitor ($0.99)

This is a lightweight monitoring app made especially for tablets. Perfect for determining your dual-cored device’s CPU usage right on your homescreen.


13. Proximity Screen Off (free)

While not particularly made for tablets, it does work with the Xoom and possibly others. It doesn’t need to be since all you need to work your magic is to swipe your hand on the screen to lock your screen. Try it out for yourself, it’s free anyway.


14. Wizz Bar (free)

A lot of tablet owners want a clean interface for their homescreen but sometimes, this does mean that you need a bit more finger exercise to get to your apps. Wizz Bar lets you have both with a very nice app tray that’s clear and uncluttered.


15. OverclockWidget (free, needs root)

Supporting Honeycomb devices, this widget can monitor your tablet’s CPU speed as well as adjust it accordingly. Overclock to be able to play games smoothly or underclock to save on battery. Works with dual cores too.


16. Honeycomb ScreenLock (lite, $0.99 to buy)

What it does is pretty simple but something you might need. With this, you can quickly lock and unlock the screen orientation from any app. Perfect for bedside reading!