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Best Paid Android Apps of the Week: February 24 - March 2

Welcome to best paid apps of the week - week 1. Every week, we at Android Authority will look around for the best paid apps released every week.
March 2, 2013
best paid apps of the week feb 24 - mar 2
Welcome to our first week of our best paid apps of the week list. Our goal here at Android Authority is to find the best paid apps every week, make a list, and help everybody find the best new stuff to try out. We’ll do a brief review to let you guys know how the apps work and our initial impressions on them. Then, if you want to try them, the links will be at the bottom. Also, if you’ don’t want to read it, you can watch in our weekly video, also posted at the bottom. With that said, let’s get started!

best paid apps - Unity Launcher

Unity Launcher

In case you’ve been living with your head in a ditch, you’ve no doubt heard that Ubuntu is working on a mobile OS. It’s very, very early and most things don’t work yet, but if they get it to be even mostly as good as their videos look, it will be impressive. So why wait to try out the features? Unity Launcher is currently available in the Google Play Store for $1.99.

The premise of Unity Launcher is simple, to emulate the side bar launcher. It’s quite easy to use as well. Users install the app and slide to the right from the edge of the screen. The launcher will pop up and you can select whatever app you want to launch. You can also customize it and put whatever apps you want in the launcher. The best part? You can open it while in any application. Full screen, camera, phone, Google Play Store, whatever you want. It opens everywhere and makes it easy to switch apps. If you’re a frequent app switcher, then this paid app is highly recommended.


best paid apps - cars & guns

Cars & Guns

This fun little racer takes place in a world of cardboard. That’s not a joke, all the roads, landscapes, cars, textures, and everything else carries look of cardboard. As stated in the intro of the app, this is intentional and gives a somewhat unique, if a little bland, graphic experience. You can find it in the Google Play Store for $1.00.

Cars & Guns features very simple controls. There is a forward, backward, left, and right button. So controlling the cars around the various apps is pretty easy to do. In game, you’ll go on scavenger hunts for items, race against AI players, and do time trials on levels. After each, you’ll earn money which you can use to buy various things. If you’re into racing games, this is a paid app worth checking out.


Best Paid Apps - Second Grade Learning

Second Grade Learning

We likely won’t put a lot of educational apps intended for younger kids very often, but if we can find good ones, we definitely will. This is a great little game app that is geared toward teaching kids various things. Frankly, based on how people type on the internet these days, there are a few adults I know who could benefit from parts of this app as well. You can find this paid app in the Google Play Store for $.99.

In the game, kids and dumb adults can learn and practice a myriad of subjects. Words and grammar, math and money, and a few others will help your second grader read at a third grade level. There isn’t a story and once you start a game, they don’t end unless you manually end them yourself. However, if you got a kid and you need to keep him or her busy for a few minutes, this will help keep them occupied. It’ll also help them practice the basics. That’s a win-win!


best paid apps - Slingshot Racing

Slingshot Racer

Slingshot Racer takes the racing concept and adds a unique detail to it. Instead of using buttons or tilting your device to steer, you’ll tap the screen and slingshot around corners. It’s easy to learn, but hard to do well. You can find this paid app in the Google Play Store for $.99.
As stated, the game play is rather simple. As you approach a turn, you tap and hold the screen to launch a tether at a tower. It latches on and slingshots you around corners. If you get it late and hold the outside of the track, it’ll slow you down. Should take the inside of the track, it’ll help boost your speed a little bit and get ahead. The early levels are pretty easy to play but as the game progresses, levels get much harder to win. The graphics aren’t bad either. If you’re a racing fan and want something a little different, then this is worth at least trying out for the standard 15 minute refund period to see if you like it.


Best Paid Apps of the Week – Pick of the Week

It was a tough one, because it’s always hard to gauge value on paid apps. Especially when comparing games to regular paid apps. However, our pick of the week is Unity Launcher. It’s two bucks in the Google Play Store and it seems really simplistic. However, it’s one of those applications that you won’t realize you’ll use it until you get used to using it. Being able to open any app anywhere can shave a few seconds off of any user action. Over the course of weeks, you’ll be saving minutes of your life going back to the home screen, opening the app drawer, finding the app, and opening it. Just open the side bar, find the app, and open it.

Looking to give these paid apps a try? Check out the widgets above and the video link below. Also, if there is a recently released paid app or game you’d like to see on this list, leave us a comment and let us know!