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Best paid Android apps of 2012

June 7, 2012

There is a plethora of apps from the Google Play Store. Many of them can be downloaded free of charge, but you’ll have to withstand the pesky ads or the limited range of services. (Check out post about the best free Android apps of 2012.)

On the other hand, premium apps can be downloaded for a price, but you get to enjoy the full capabilities of the app. You also won’t have to worry about ads popping in the background.

In this app list, we have compiled some of the best paid apps for Android for 2012. The following apps may be used for productivity, leisure, entertainment, health, customizing your device, and for Android development. Take note that the following apps don’t follow a particular order.

Tools are essential for human lives, making the completion of tasks easier. We can find tools all around us–in the kitchen, backyard, office, and even on our Android devices. You can have your own set of portable tools via the Smart Tools app.

The app has 5 different sets of tools and includes 5 Pro sets for a total number of 15 tools.

Set 1 is for measuring length, slope, and level. Set 2 is for measuring height, width, and area. Set 3 allows you to use a compass, metal detector, and GPS. Set 4 is for measuring sounds with sound level meter and vibrometer. Lastly, set 5 brings light to the darkness with Flashlight.

More neat tools will be added soon, such as magnifier, speed gun, and many more. This app is your all-in-one pocket-size tool kit.

Leave your heavy tool box at home and snugly fit your tools inside your pocket with the Smart Tools app.

If you own an Android smartphone, you should also use a smart keyboard. SwiftKey X Keyboard is the smartest keyboard for Android phones.

This app is not just any ordinary keyboard app; it thinks and analyzes how its user composes messages. The more you use it, the better its word prediction gets. The app knows each word and how each word is connected to each other. You will be surprised with its precise word predictions. You could even just tap the predictions to complete your sentences.

To fully optimize its predicting power, you can allow the app to access your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. The app can also scan your blog and your SMS messages. Doing this will let the app know what words you are using and how you compose your sentences.

You can also use different themes on your keyboard. You can select from light, dark, neon, and pumpkin themes.

Type your messages swiftly with SwiftKey X Keyboard on board your Android phone.

See a world through a different angle. Bring out the kid in you and change the day’s stressful and busy scenes. Magically transform your world into the funny world of cartoon via Paper Camera app on your Android device.

Like any ordinary camera app, this app lets you take pictures on your device. The thing that makes it special is the special effects that transform your pictures into cartoons. You can even use this app to roam around and see the world in a different dimension.

Use the Sketch Up effect and instantly create sketches of real-time images. Try using the Comic Boom effect and make your images look like they were taken from your favorite comic strip. Magically transform your images into a painting with the Bleaching effect. You can also take videos with this app and create you own real-life cartoons.

Magically transform your world with Paper Camera on your Android device.

Have you ever listened to the radio and heard a familiar song? You want to grab a copy of that song but you don’t know the title. If you don’t want that to happen, use the SoundHound app on your Android device. This canine will smell any sound scent to catch the title of unknown songs.

When a familiar song starts to play, just open the app and let it listen to your song. It will then give you the title of what song you are listening to. You can also view the song’s lyrics. For those living in the U.S. and Canada, you get to enjoy the LiveLyrics feature in this app. If you missed the song, you can also hum the melody or sing some lines from that song (make sure you’re right on tune). SoundHound will recognize the sound or lines and will give you the title of that song.

The app’s downside is that it needs an active Internet connection. Nevertheless, this app can be a great app to learn and discover new songs.

Don’t miss out on any song with the SoundHound app on your Android device.

Staying fit and healthy is hard work. That is why you need the help of Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO as a fitness instructor and assistant on your mobile phone.

This app is primarily designed to help the health conscious and those who want to lose some weight to stay on their fitness program. One feature of this app lets you choose an interval program. Together with the fitness program is a voice coach to guide you along the process. The app also tracks any outdoor sport you’re engaged in and records the duration, speed, distance, and calories burned. You can use this app for your morning jogging routine or when you ride your bicycle around the neighborhood.

Utilizing your phone’s GPS, the app can teach you your jogging routes. You can also set some goals to keep you motivated and beat your previous records in your fitness program. All your fitness data are stored on for evaluation, competing with friends, and to compete with active users around the globe.

Stay fit and healthy with Endomondo Sport Tracker PRO on your Android device.

One of the advantages of an Android device is that it is customizable. You can easily add a new theme, change the keyboard, add some live wallpapers, and add new widgets on your homescreen. If you like to add nice widgets, you might want to use HD Widgets on your Android device. Take advantage of your high-resolution screens and customize your Android homescreen.

This app is your one-stop widget hub. You can select from a variety of widgets on your Android phone. Sprinkle some HTC Sense on your homescreen with HTC’s clock and weather widgets, or grab a widget from the Galaxy Nexus or the Samsung Galaxy Note. Every widget can also be customized with your personal touch.

Widgets also come in different sizes. From the smallest-screened Android smartphone to the wider screens on tablets, HD Widgets has all the widgets for you. You should try this app for yourself and see how it can transform your Android homescreen.

Transform your Android device’s homescreen with the HD Widgets app.

Our Android devices have a default Camera app installed. But, if you’re looking for a camera with more exciting camera features, you can try out the Camera ZOOM FX app on your Android device.

This camera app lets you do a variety of things to your photos. Aside from taking your pictures, you can edit your images directly from the app. You can crop, rotate, add effects, apply filters, and much more. The app offers 20 color filters, 6 vignette effects, 13 cool frames, 3 tilt-shift functions, and 9 mirror effects. You can also tap the Random button and instantly edit your images.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy different camera modes with this app. Take a shot with Burst Mode and never miss a single shot. Take moving pictures with Stable Shot and say goodbye to blurry images. Take your picture hands-free with the Voice Activated option.

Not yet enough for you? Camera ZOOM FX also features the Buddy Pack that lets you add famous personalities to your images. And, you can show off your images on your social networking sites with just a tap of a button.

What’s more is that this app is on sale (as of this writing). You can save as much as 40% from the original price of this app. Grab it now while this offer lasts.

Try Camera ZOOM FX for yourself and be amazed with how it can change your picture taking experience.

Grab your stylus pen and let’s draw some art with the SketchBook Mobile app. This app lets you create art without using up paper pages in your sketchbook. This app is perfect for both professional and amateur artists for practicing their artistic skills.

The app contains basic tools such as a paint brush, an air brush, a pencil, a fill bucket, and an eraser. You can access these tools by tapping the circular logo found below the screen. For changing the size of each tool, just drag the circle found in the middle of the tools left and right . The app also lets you create layers on your work. Work with layers and stack them up to create a work of art.

Other features are undo, redo, create new work, a color selector, expand, and many more.

Make art on your Android device with the SketchBook Mobile app.

If you use your Android devices as a portable music player then you might want to use Poweramp Music Player (Trial) on your device. This is not just an ordinary music player for your Android device; this app offers full customization in playing your music.

This app enhances your music experience with its featured equalizer settings. You can choose from different equalizer settings such as Bass, Bass Extreme, Bass & Treble, Treble, Flat, Classical, Dance, Rock, Techno, Phone Speaker (Loud), Live, Middle, Pop, Soft, Soft Bass, and Soft Treble. If your preferred equalizer settings are not included, don’t worry because you can adjust the equalizer and play your music like a pro.

Missing some album art on your playlist? You can add album art directly from the app. Just tap and hold on the album art and the app will provide suggested images for that album. You can also view your song’s lyrics via the musiXmatch plugin.

Download Poweramp Music Player (Trial) for free from the Google Play Store and enjoy a 15-day trial period. After that, you will need to download the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker to unlock the app.

Play your music like a pro with the Poweramp Music Player.

If you like to play with your Android device and flash new ROMs, you might notice something missing on your device. You have new a launcher, a new Android version, new optimized features, and it seems everything is complete. But, soon you realize that all your previous apps are gone. You have to go to the Google Play Store and manually install your apps.

But, with the Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root app, you will be able to backup your app data and restore them when the need arises. The nice thing about this app is that it lets you backup, restore, and freeze your apps, data, and Google Play Store links. You can also schedule your backups and you don’t need to close your apps while backup is running. Installing this app will also allow you to restore individual apps and data from ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP Recovery. Take note that your Android device needs to have root privileges in order for this app to work.

To unlock the full version, you will need to download Titanium Backup ★ root for free from the Google Play Store. Afterwards, you will need to download the Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root to unlock its extended features. Never lose your apps with Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root on your Android device.

These apps might cost you a dollar or two, but they are definitely worth the price. What do you think of our best paid Android apps for 2012? What paid apps are you using on your Android device? Share them in a comment below.