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The best OnePlus 5T screen protectors

Protecting your phone is critical. The latest OnePlus flagship is not exception. Here's our list of great OnePlus 5T screen protectors for your new phone.
February 20, 2018
OnePlus 5T screen protectors

The OnePlus 5T is one of the best values in mobile today. The phone is also gorgeous and, as such, you’re going to want to protect yours. 

There is nothing sadder in life than a beautiful phone with a broken screen. There are a ton of options out there to protect your screen, so to make your selection easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best OnePlue 5T screen protectors available.

All of these screen protectors are glass. You can find plastic screen protectors, which may be a little less expensive, but when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, glass is the way to go. Check out our list below, and if you have any other suggestions, be sure to drop them in the comments.

3D Tempered Glass OnePlus 5T Screen Protector

OnePlus 5T Screen Protectors

Our first OnePlus 5T screen protector comes straight from the horse’s mouth. OnePlus manufactures and sells its own screen protector for the OnePlus 5T. It makes sense that the company would want to protect its own product.

This OnePlus 5T screen shield features 9H hardness and an anti-scratch material that protects your phone from scratches and drops. It also provides maximum clarity and a fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating to keep the screen as clear as possible.

It’s hard to argue against picking up a screen protector from the company that designed the phone in the first place. OnePlus us unbeatable in its precise design and knowledge of the phone itself.

Oneplus 5T Screen Protector by Wtbone

OnePlus 5T Screen Protectors - Wtbone

You may have a hard time trying to pronounce Wtbone, but the company’s highly-rated two-pack of OnePlus 5T screen protectors are worth a look. This screen protector features 9H hardness and coloring to match the phone — the two will look like a perfect pair. The strong adhesive film bonds the protector to the phone, with no effect on touch sensitivity.

The screen is made of toughened glass, resististing scratches from keys, knives, and other hard materials, keeping your screen intact and scratch free. These screen protectors ship two to a box, plus two alcohol wipes, two cleaning cloths, and two dust absorbers.

OnePlus 5T Screen Protector by XKAUDIE

OnePlus 5T Screen Protectors - XKAUDIE

At 2.5 mm, the OnePlus 5T screen protector by XKAUDIE is one of the thinner options out there. The ultra-clear, high-definition screen achieves 99.99 percent transparency for optimal viewing. This screen protector comes with a 9H rating making it highly resistant to scratches and shatters. A strong electrostatic adsorption, allows for easy and bubble-free installation.

This screen shield offers a multilayer design, and still allows maximum responsiveness on your screen, and the glass construction will make you forget the screen protector is even there. That is, until you leave your phone in your pocket with some keys. Then, you’ll appreciate the extra layer of protection. This is sold as a two-pack option, like the Wtbone.

OnePlus 5T Screen Protector by Auckly

OnePlus 5T screen protectors - Auckly

Finally, we have another highly-rated screen protector, available from Amazon. This protector, made by Auckly, is precisely laser cut and provides long-lasting protection. The tempered glass has an oleophobic coating, resisting fingerprints and water, oil, and dust. The protector is rated at 9H resistance against accidental scratches from keys, knives, and other hard objects.

It is designed to fit your phone perfectly, with black bezels that mimic the look of the phone — you won’t be able to tell there’s a screen protector in place at all. It is highly sensitive to touch and provides 100 percent transparency. The package includes two screen protectors, wet wipes, dry wipes, dust absorbers, and a simple set of instructions.

Protecting your phone is one of the smartest proactive moves you can make as a mobile owner. Even the affordable OnePlus 5T costs enough to warrant protecting your investment for the future. Any one of these screen protectors should do a great job keeping scratches, dust, and fingerprints at bay. Do you think we missed any? Let us know in the comments below — we’ll be updating this article frequently.