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The best official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases you can get

Who better to make a Galaxy Note 20 case than Samsung itself? Here are our picks for the best official Galaxy Note 20 cases.
June 19, 2021
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Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

If you’re considering Samsung’s more affordable phablet, you already know that you’ll need a tough case. It can be difficult to choose the right one, but protection is a must. The easiest route might be to head to the source and look at Samsung’s own cases. Here are our picks for the best official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases to shield your new phone.

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The best official Galaxy Note 20 cases:

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best official cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 as more are released.

S-View flip cover

official galaxy note 20 s view flip cover

It’s not easy to protect your phone, cover the display, and still see your notifications. Somehow Samsung has managed all three with the S-View flip cover. The case snaps on for solid protection, and a clear strip allows you to take calls and read notifications without opening your phone. Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 20 S-View flip cover comes in black, brown, and mint and a microbial layer helps to counteract harmful germs.

Samsung LED wallet cover

wallet sgn20 samsung led

Samsung’s LED wallet cover adopts a similar overall design to the S-View, though it has the added benefit of a card slot. After all, the Galaxy Note 20 isn’t the easiest device to stuff in a pocket. The case helps you to keep the essentials with you without carrying a wallet. Even better, the folding cover stars an LED array that displays the time as well as important notifications. While there’s just one card slot, it’s a lighter option than toting a phone and wallet around.

Silicone case

official galaxy note 20 silicone

Official Galaxy Note 20 cases don’t have to be fancy or feature-rich, and this silicone case is a perfect example. It’s less than 2mm thick, yet offers solid protection against both drops and scratches. You can apply or remove Samsung’s silicone case in seconds thanks to the flexible design. Like most first-party cases, the silicone case comes in black, brown, and mint to match your phone.

Clear case

official sgn20 clear case

Samsung’s clear case follows in the silicone options footsteps and keeps things as simple as possible. It’s a basic clear case that allows you to show off the carefully crafted design of your Galaxy Note 20. Although it’s a bit thinner than the silicone option, Samsung beefed up the lips around the display and camera bump for better drop protection. You may find that it stands up better to scratches than to drops, but a slim case is better than no case at all.

Leather case

official galaxy note 20 leather case

The Galaxy Note 20 is a luxurious device, so why not go with a case that feels just as nice? The official leather case comes in black, brown, and green, and it blankets your phone with a soft, comfortable shield. Samsung didn’t miss any details with the leather case — it features an embossed logo and tactile aluminum button covers. After all, leather buttons might have been difficult to press. You’ll want to be careful of scratches, but the leather case should age nicely the longer you use it.

Official Kvadrat fabric Galaxy Note 20 case

official sgn20 kvadrat case

Kvadrat’s case for the Note 20 sticks with a comfortable texture, though it’s made entirely from recycled materials. It comes in gray or Coral Red, so the Kvadrat may be a good bet if you don’t want a case in the same shade as your phone. The case is thin enough to handle wireless charging with ease, and it should be a breeze to apply or remove. It’s tough to say how the fabric will stand up to scratches, but you should be safe from light drops.

Clear case with kickstand

official galaxy note 20 kickstand

Samsung’s first clear case may have been a basic bumper option, but this version adds a kickstand to the mix. You can easily stream your shows or take notes with the S-Pen and never pick up your phone. The folding metal kickstand is built to last as long as your device does, and you can position it at multiple convenient angles. Be careful when you’re charging wirelessly, however, as metal doesn’t always play nice with Qi pads.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 rugged cover

official sgn20 rugged cover

Today’s final official Galaxy Note 20 case is also the most durable on the list. You’ll immediately notice the raised vertical ridges which are reminiscent of a heavy-duty suitcase. Samsung also texturized both side rails for superior grip and the hybrid design is ideal against both scratches and falls. Instead of adopting an adjustable kickstand, Samsung chose two for its rugged cover — one for 60 degrees and another for 45 degrees.