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Best of 2012: 10 Apps Google+ Users Can't Live Without

December 31, 2012


A few days ago we showed you the 2012 best apps on Google Play, at least according to Google. According to Google, these apps really make Android shine. They are some of the best apps available for your favorite Android tablet or smartphone.  While some have launched over the past year, others received updates that offered great utility, beauty and accessibility. Sure, these apps are great, but what about apps that you simply just cannot live without? Your daily drivers. I took to Google+ and asked users just that. The results aren’t too surprising. It seems Google’s “best” and what users can’t seem to go without produce quite a different list.

1: Google+. This makes sense, as we did ask on Google+. No surprises here, I only saw Facebook listed once.


2: Google Now. While technically, this is Google Search, everyone seems to love automated information at your fingertips.

Google Search / Google Now

3: SwiftKey. Will we see the same in 2013 or will Google’s own gesture typing be a thorn in SwiftKey’s side next year as Android 4.2 rolls out to more devices?


4: Gmail. Android users use Gmail? Shocking!


5: Evernote. This one made Google’s best of the best list. It’s a great note taking application and so much more.


6: Google Play Music.  While not available everywhere, Play Music is a great service. In 2012, Play Music’s content grew leaps and bounds.

Google Play Music

7: Google Chrome. Many users still prefer the stock Android browser as it renders some web pages faster. However, the tab syncing ability makes Chrome shine.


8: Spotify. If you’re not drinking the Google kool-aid, Spotify is a great alternative.


9: Dropbox. The Dropbox application is top dog when it comes to file sharing. As Google fans, we hope in 2013 Drive gets some of these features.


10: Flipboard. Last, but not least, we have the social news reader which just came to Android this past year.


How’s this list stack up for your daily apps? Did any of your apps not make the cut? Let us know in the comments.