The guys at Gizmodo got some face to face time with the Nexus One and provide us with the best hand-on preview of the phone thus far. They compare the Nexus One to the iPhone 3GS and the Motorola DROID and cover everything from the feel of the phone all the way down to the JavaScript performance of the web browser. The take home message is that the Nexus One, when it debuts, will be the best Android phone to date. It is fast, sleek, and has a beautiful display. Though it scores slightly behind the iPhone 3GS in Javascript rendering speed, it pulls down and renders web pages faster than the 3GS and the DROID. It lacks the multi-touch and touch-to focus camera feature of the iPhone but, otherwise, the Nexus One meets or exceeds the iPhone 3GS and blows the DROID out the water in every task thrown at the three smartphones. If you are not interested in the Nexus One now, you will be after reading this preview.

[via Gizmodo]