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The best new TVs we could find at CES 2020

Here is a round up of the best new TVs we were able to see at CES 2020. Some are small, some are big, and all are pixel-rich.
January 8, 2020
LG OLED Signature R TV

If you love television sets, CES is your favorite time of the year. The annual electronic glitz-fest is where companies such as LG, Samsung, and Sony trot out their latest technological showpieces. It’s not uncommon to see people walking the CES show floor stop in their tracks, agog with the stunning visual spectacle. This year was no different. TV makers stuck to a fairly similar path: a show-stopping 8K model, a handful of 4K models, and then the weird stuff. Here’s a collection of the best new TVs that will be coming to homes around the world later this year.

LG 8K NanoCell

LG 8K NanoCell

LG’s Real 8K NanoCell Display is a stunner. It’s the first TV I actually laid eyes on at CES 2020 and I fell in love right away. It relies on the new A9 Get 3 AI processor from LG, which is a beast when it comes to upscaling resolution, boosting color, and delivering killer sound. The 8K NanoCell runs webOS with LG’s ThinQ AI, and includes hands-free voice control. You’ll find cinema HDR with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. The main offering measures 75 inches, though it is also available in 65 inches.

LG says it is coming soon, but did not disclose the price.

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LG Signature OLED R

LG Signature OLED RX edition

If. you have $60,000 to spare and an ultra-modern, high-rise condo to put it in, the 65-inch LG Signature OLED RX is the TV for you. This insane “look-what-we-can-do” set hides in the base and rolls itself up and down as needed for viewing. It offers perfect blacks, intense color, and infinite contrast. Though LG revealed this set during CES 2019, the 2020 model features the new A9 processor and all the great features of the above NanoCell set, making it a winner.

This set is also “coming soon” and, well, we already know that it costs more than a German automobile.

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LG 48-in 4K CX OLED Gaming TV

LG 48in CX Gaming TV

This is a really interesting idea from LG: Take a gaming monitor and blend it with a television set to offer customers the best of both worlds. A set like this could help people save some cash by negating the need to buy both a TV and a monitor. It’s also the first time LG has taken the 4K resolution and crammed it into a 48-inch OLED chassis. In addition to the incredible color and brightness for TV viewing, the CX comes with plenty of ways for gamers to tweak the performance to their liking.

Pricing for this one starts at $1,500, but there’s no word on exact availability.

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Samsung Q950TS

Samsung Q950TS

The Q950TS is Samsung’s flagship, and it is a stunner and certainly one of the best new TVs at the show. The company was able to all but eliminate the bezels. The millimeters-thin frame gives the TV a screen-to-body ratio of 99%. Samsung calls it … wait for it … the Infinity Screen. (Didn’t see that one coming, did you.)

This 85-inch set offers 8K resolution on the LCD display and includes Samsung’s AI Quantum Processor 8K. This means it relies on algorithms to upscale non-8K content automatically into pristine action. You’ll find HDR10+, Q-Symphony audio, and incredible brightness.

No word on pricing and availability.

Samsung Sero

The Sero takes the show, as far as I am concerned. It’s weird, wacky, and just a bit awesome. You can use the TV in either standard horizontal orientation, or rotate it for vertical viewing. Yes, this TV was made with mobile users in mind. Samsung showcased how it works when watching Instagram stories, TikTok videos, and other vertical content on YouTube. Moreover, you can pair your phone with the Sero for automatic switching between horizontal and vertical modes, as well as use it as a whiteboard. It measures 43 inches and includes a speaker built into the stand, but cannot be mounted on a wall thanks to the motor.

Otherwise, it is a typical 4K television set. Sero will be available later this year for an unknown sum.

Samsung The Frame

Samsung the Frame

This set is meant for those who don’t necessarily want to build their home around a TV, but rather ensure that the TV blends in. As you can see from the photo above, The Frame strongly resembles a photo frame. The point is to allow The Frame to act like a TV when you want to watch TV and act like a piece of art when it’s not in use.

The Frame comes in a variety of sizes and with several different color options for the best match to your house. Resolution? 4K.

Sony Z8H

Sony Z8H

Of the three most eye-popping sets on the show floor, the Sony Z8H was the one that impressed me the most. Available in 85- and 75-inch sizes, this LED is powered by Sony’s Picture Processor X1 Ultimate to handle contrast, color, and brightness. It packs features such as Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, smart speaker (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa) integration for hands-free functionality, a two-position stand, custom modes, and 12oHz refresh rates. It also supports Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

Pricing and availability are unknown at the moment.

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Vizio P Series Quantum X


If you’ve taken a stroll through Target or Walmart lately, you’ve probably seen a number of Vizio TVs in the electronics section. This value TV maker debuted its most advanced TV yet at CES 2020, the P Series Quantum X. It’s an OLED panel the comes in 85-, 75-, and 65-inch sizes. It delivers near-perfect blacks with vibrant color and high contrast ratios. It includes up to 792 dimming zone and can reach 800 nits brightness, with regional peaks zooming past 3,000 nits. As a bonus, it will get variable refresh rate, FreeSync, and 4K at 120Hz later this year in a software update.

As with most other sets on this list, pricing and availability are yet to be shared.

Those were the best new TVs we saw at CES 2020. Have any others you’d like us to check out? Hit up the comments below.