Subway Surfers

Run, run, run! Run far away from the subway inspector and his mangy dog! Subway Surfers follows the story of Jake, Tricky, and Fresh as they run from the inspector after they were caught vandalizing.

The game entails running, running, and yes, you guessed it, more running. Dodge obstacles as you let your character collect coins that you can use to purchase powerups and upgrades, like hoverboards, jetpacks, coin magnets, and a lot more.

The goal of the game is to get as far as possible and avoid being caught by the inspector as you let your character jump over and slide under obstacles. You need to be extra careful when your character is on the train tracks, don’t let speeding train cars hit him. Otherwise, it’s game over for you.

The game has really great-looking graphics coupled with perky background music that will surely make you play it for hours and hours. The controls are fairly easy, as well. Just swipe up to make your character jump, swipe down to let your character duck or roll under obstacles and swipe either left or right to let your character change lanes.

Subway Surfers is a free game you can get from the Google Play Store. Don’t miss the chance of being part of the most exciting chase.

Canimals Dozer

If you are a fan of the Canimals series, you’ll definitely love Canimals Dozer. Featuring Canimals Nia and Ato, this coin dozer game is one that will surely bring out the child in you.

Just like other coin dozer games, the objective of this game is to collect as many coins as possible before you use up the ones given to you at the start of the game. In Canimals Dozer, Nia or Ato will help you earn more bonuses if you manage to drop coins on their hoops. You can

collect 36 rare Canimals collection items if you keep on playing this game.

Canimals Dozer takes coin dozer games a notch higher, cute-wise. With the gameplay and cute background music, playing this game can actually be considered a medium to de-stress. Who wouldn’t be relaxed when you have a game as cute as this?

Upon launching the game, you will be asked to either use your Facebook login or play offline. You can invite your friends on Facebook or Twitter to try this game and you’ll be rewarded bonus coins for doing so. What’s more, you can brag your achievements to your friends through the Leaderboard and show them you have mad coin dozing skills.

Download Canimals Dozer for free and experience the cutest coin dozer game from the Google Play Store.


If you love physics games, try Fluffles, another must-try cute game that features fluffy creatures called Fluffles. Help save these cute little creatures from spikes, black holes, and other obstacles hindering them from getting home.

To play the game, you need to direct the Fluffles to their home by flinging them to the right way. You have limited stored energy that you can use to fling the Fluffles, so plan your moves well if you don’t want the Fluffles to get stuck in space, all lonely and pitiful. You don’t want that to happen, right?

This game also allows you to create your own levels with its level editor feature. Create your own levels, play them, and maybe challenge your friends to a game or two. Although this game is still an initial release, you can enjoy playing 30 levels, and more levels and obstacles will be added over time.

The game is ad-supported but the ads are not obtrusive. They don’t get in the way of your Fluffles-saving escapade since the ads just appear in one corner. You don’t need to worry about accidentally pressing them. Fluffles is a free game you can download and play on your Android device. Get this game today, and help the adorable Fluffles get back home safely.

Millionaire FREE

If you are into trivia games or any game that involves asking questions that challenge your stock knowledge, Millionaire FREE is one game you probably should install on your Android device.

Based from the hit quiz game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Millionaire Free is practically very similar to it, only that you are playing as the contestant using your Android device. Just like the show, you start off with easy questions and you gradually climb up the ladder, leading to the £1 million prize money.

The game also features the same lifelines you can find in the game show — 50% Chance, Call-A-Buddy, and Audience Assistance. You can use these lifelines anytime within the game, helping you answer 12 questions correctly and bag the grand prize. But, if you already used up all your lifelines and you are a bit skeptical about winning the grand prize, you can always choose to walk away with what you have already won so far.

What’s great about this game is that it asks you if the item you’ve just chosen is your final answer. With this, if you accidentally pressed another item instead of the one you intended to press, you can still change your answer.

Millionaire Free is absolutely for free and is ad-supported. The ads appear on the main menu only and not in the main game so you can rest assured that you can give your full concentration to the game and not on the annoying ads.

Battle Quiz – Social Quiz Game

Take your battling skills into the quiz arena with Battle Quiz – Social Quiz Game. Aside from expanding your already-large bank of knowledge, you get to play with your friends and other people from other places as well.

Battle Quiz – Social Quiz Game requires an Internet connection for you to be able to play. Before anything else though, you need to make a Battle Quiz account and choose an avatar. To play, you can either create a battle or play a random battle with a random player. Creating a battle will give you the freedom to choose the arena you want — classic trivia, geo and travel, social media, and tons more. There are some arenas that need to be unlocked before you can play the full version, but if you really want to try that arena out, you can play the demo.

In every game, seven questions are going to be asked. The winner of the game battle is decided through the number of correct answers. Everytime you win, you’ll be rewarded with coins that you can use to purchase powerups and unlock other arenas.

Battle Quiz – Social Quiz Game is one good way to test your knowledge about various things against other people, other than your friends of course. Share Battle Quiz – Social Quiz Game to your friends through Facebook, email, or even SMS and you’ll earn extra coins as well.

This game is a free app and does not have annoying ads loitering around. The game tends to load a bit slower than expected, but other than that, Battle Quiz – Social Quiz Game is one game I can recommend to people who love trivia games.

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(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez, Dan Evans, and Elmer Montejo; banner image uses Shutterstock photo by Robnroll)

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