Finger Slayer Seasons 2

There’s just something terrifying about injuring your fingers. Probably it’s because we use our fingers to do a lot of things and we end up taking them for granted. If you become anxious thinking about your fingers getting mangled, you’ll surely have nightmares with Finger Slayer Seasons 2.

Pick a stage and take control of a finger-shaped creature. The aim of the game is to see how long you can survive before getting brutally mangled by the razor-sharp blade bouncing around the screen. Sounds bad? It gets worse. The game takes gore to another level not only because the finger person gets cut up and bleeds but also because the first strike will cleave a good part of the finger person’s skull and show off its pink brains.

The second strike will total the finger and will shower the screen with blood. You’ll win the level once you collect all the pieces of a puzzle. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it sounds. The razor-sharp blade will settle into a pattern and all you need to do is avoid the blade. There will be coins and jewels that randomly appear, which make tempting danger worth it. Collect coins to unlock more costumes and give the finger person some clothes.

This game is ad-supported. You will see an ad right after pressing Play. An ad is also located in the lower right corner of the screen, so you may hit it during gameplay. You may need to get familiar with the game’s layout so you can avoid the ad.

Flying Squirrel

If you’re squirming over all that gore, let’s take a short break and wash that taste out of your mouth with Flying Squirrel. There’s no blood in this one, I promise. Take control of a flying squirrel and help it collect coins and acorns. You’ll have to jump over gaps and avoid falling into water. Our dear squirrel wasn’t made to swim so when it falls into the water, it will drown and it will be game over for you.

Jump over obstacles and gaps by tapping the screen. For an extra high jump, double-tap. Gusts of wind will help you glide and reach areas with more goodies. You can also grab the wings powerup so you can fly for a short period of time. Grab a golden acorn to turn the flying squirrel into a coin-attracting magnet.

Powerups can be upgraded with the coins you collect, so you can increase magnet range and double invulnerability time. You can also purchase supplementary life slots and increase collectible coin value. You can also purchase utilities such as starting out with 3 or 4 lives, give your flying squirrel some assistance when it falls, or skip over levels to start at level 4, 8 or 12.

The game is ad-supported on Game Over and pause screens. The app also pushes notifications to your notification bar.

Fire Space Rings Ball Game

Still need a break from the gore? No problem. Instead of a dose of cute, let’s take off for space with the Fire Space Rings Ball Game. Your goal is to protect the core from red orbs that will shrink it. Rotate the non-continuous ring shield around the core by drawing circles on your Android device’s screen with your fingertip. That sounds simple enough but the challenge really starts when you’re swarmed with red orbs and you see a blue or green orb sticking too close to them.

You’ll need to act quickly when the blue or green orbs come your way. Rotate the shield so that the open part is facing the blue or green orb to absorb it. The blue orb will give the core an impenetrable blue force field for a limited amount of time. The green orb will increase the core’s size by a fraction. Watch out though, because it’s easy to absorb red orbs when you’re not careful or quick enough.

Each red orb absorbed shrinks your core and the game is over once you’ve absorbed too many red orbs and the core is shrunk into nothing.

Ads appear the the bottom part of the screen but don’t worry, they’re too far from the center of the screen and should not get in the way while you play.

Ragdoll Fighting Championship

If you’re a fan of brutal ring fights and want to take a more active role than watching TV but don’t want to actually get hurt, you might want to take a good look at ragdolls. In Ragdoll Fighting Championship, you take control of a ragdoll in blue and fling it around the fighting ring. The rules of gravity don’t work in this arena, as the dolls are kept in the air by a massive fan from underneath.

You’re pitted against another ragdoll in green and you must deliver fatal blows. The color of their shorts isn’t just there to distinguish them. It’s also an indicator of how many hit points they have.

You and your opponent start out with vivid green and blue shorts and 100 hit points, but once you start dealing out the blows, those vivid colors will start to fade. You’re in serious critical condition when the color is completely gone from the ragdoll. The next hit will definitely take the ragdoll out and they’ll litter the fighting ring with their many ragdoll parts.

You’ll sometimes be pitted against more than one ragdoll, so it becomes a race of who can land the most fatal blows in the shortest amount of time. As the game’s promo video says, it’s not a game but a fight for survival.

Enjoy the bloodless gore and the brutal battle to survive.


Now that you’ve recovered from the gore of getting finger people sliced, it’s time to wreak some havoc with INDESTRUCTIBLE. You can tell that it’s been made by Glu Mobile, the same developers that brought you MUTANT ROADKILL. It’s not just in the capslock in the title but the crisp graphics and the killer rock soundtrack in the background.

Instead of running over mutants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you’ll be causing some serious damage with your vehicle and the mounted turret in the back. You’ll be pitted against other people who can serve some serious damage to you, too, so your job is to avoid them at all costs while whittling their green health bars down to nothing.

Take control of the vehicle using the left on-screen joystick. Aim at your opponent vehicles and fire the turret using the left on-screen joystick. Be careful not to drive right off the environment though, as certain stages, such as the Iceberg level, might kill you when you fall off the level and right into the icy waters below.

If you want to double your XP and your silver coins, you’ll need to purchase the PRO version of the game.

We initially had some trouble loading it up on our HTC Sensation. It would freeze on the loading page with the blue gauge not moving at all. I solved this by manually force quitting the game and loading it back up.

It’s ad-supported, like most GLU games. The ads, however, don’t show up when you’re raining deadly bullets on your opponents.

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