“Game over” is a non-existent term in Android game developers’ books.  Day in and day out, new Android games sprout in the fertile soil of the garden known as the Google Play Store.  Popular games today started as new games, and went on to become well-liked and well-recommended.

We don’t know what will become, months from now, of the new Android games that we feature in this late September edition of our twice-a-month roundup of the best new Android games.  But, we do know they’re worth checking out.  We find these games carrying great potential.  Do you think so, too?

There’s only one way to find out: try these games.  And, have fun!

The Bard’s Tale

Follow someone’s quest to become a hero and to seek more “coins and cleavage” in The Bard’s Tale. This game is based on the classic that was played on the Playstation 2, the Xbox, iOS, and it has finally landed in the bountiful land of Android. This is an epic 3D RPG game that lets you play the role of The Bard as he takes his journey to fulfill quests and find more gold and women. The game also features a humorous script that will set your heart laughing for hours while playing.

Just like usual RPG games, you’re allowed to customize your character. You can also choose a talent for The Bard. The game also features various weapons and accessories. Let’s not forget about the gorgeous women. The game features talking and interacting non-player-characters (NPC) that enhance the game experience. At some point, you can even find your dog companion and train it to bite your enemies’ sorry arses.

The Bard’s Tale can be downloaded for about US$6.00 from the Google Play Store. Once you download the game, you will need to download additional files, depending on the quality of the game. For Tegra-powered devices, you can download the HD version of this game for an additional file size of about 3.5 GB.

Zombie Frontier

The virus has spread all over the city, turning all the people into rotting zombies. You are the only survivor and you must keep yourself alive in the Zombie Frontier game. This is a first-person shooting (FPS) defense game.

Your primary task is to shoot zombies before they come near you. Sounds easy, right? But, what if there are a lot of zombies coming your way, hungry for your human flesh? You will face different zombies in the game. There is a zombie that moves faster than the others and another zombie that instantly jumps to your position.

To aid you in your zombie-killing quest, the game also has a shop where you can buy additional weapons and equipment. Use your equipment wisely because you can only buy your medical kits and grenades using gold points. If you run out of money and gold points, the shop lets you convert your real money for additional game money and gold points.

You can download the Zombie Frontier for free from the Google Play Store. The game will ask for your permission if you want to receive news or game promos on your notification bar. Ads will also rarely appear on the bottom left portion of the screen.

Fort Courage

Enter the rich and vibrant imaginations of two kids and fight against waves of the undead, robots, dinosaurs, and a lot more in Fort Courage. This is a fun and addicting defense game for Tegra-powered devices.

The game lets you control two players. One uses a variety of guns to shoot enemies from a distance. You will only need to tap on the ground to aim and shoot.

The other player uses bombs and grenades. You will need to tap on player 2 and drag it to where you want to aim your bomb. The game also has a shop where you can buy new weapons and upgrades. You can buy new items by using the gold coins you earn after each round. You can also convert your real money to gold coins.

The Fort Courage game also features 6 different worlds. In each world, you will battle different monsters. You will face the undead, fight a robotic army, go back in time and face dinosaurs, and much more. You will also fight bosses in each world.

The ads-free Fort Courage can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. To handle the high definition display and graphics, you will need a Tegra-powered device.

The Curse

You find a magical and mysterious book. Curious of its contents, you open it, releasing the Mannequin that has been trapped inside the book for years. You must break The Curse by solving puzzles inside the book, stop the Mannequin, and seal him back inside.

The book that you have opened is like a book of various puzzles. Your primary task is to solve all the puzzles in the book so you can lock the Mannequin back up. You will solve riddles, Sudoku puzzles, light up lights at the same time, slide blocks, and much more.

Solving puzzles will allow you to earn clogs which you will need to unlock the final puzzle. If you’re stuck with a puzzle, you can use hints to help you solve it. But, you will need to use hints wisely because they won’t be offered for free.

Ads-free, The Curse can be downloaded for about a dollar from the Google Play Store.

Bad Piggies

We all know the round little piggies that have always been bullied by those little birds. This time, Rovio has made another game that shines the spotlight on those green pigs. Bad Piggies is a puzzle game that lets you play with the pigs. No more bird-squashing actions in this game. Instead, it’s time to build some machines to help the piggies accomplish their goals.

The primary goal of this game is to help the green pig reach a certain point on a stage. But, in order to do that, you will need to build some sort of vehicle. You will be able to construct a mini cart, a cart propelled with an electric fan, or even a wooden helicopter. Each stage will also have a certain goal. For instance, a goal to reach the end point without using a fan, or reach the finish line within a certain time limit.

Bad Piggies can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It has ads popping in the upper-right portion of the main menu screen. Ads will disappear when you start the game. The game also has a high-definition version to accommodate those devices with HD screen.

Carl Parker

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