Blind Ninja : Sing

People who follow the adventures of Naruto have probably wished to be a ninja. Superb fighting and stealth skills are just some of the things ninjas are good at, apart from being flexible and able to run faster than the wind.

If you are a big fan of ninjas and all the shuriken-throwing moves they do, play Blind Ninja : Sing. Sing is a blind ninja, but he’s still as exceptional as or even more skillful than the rest. In this game, Sing has to battle enemies using his sword, jump, run, and hit jars to get extra points.

The controls of this game are very simple and easy to navigate with. Two buttons are on the screen, one for jumping and one for Sing’s sword. While Sing runs, you have to press the buttons to make him jump from roof to roof and kill enemies that get in his way.

Blind Ninja : Sing has great-looking graphics and background music that will surely remind you of Naruto. As you progress, the game also picks its pace up and Sing runs faster than when you first started the game. Make sure you don’t get hit by giant shurikens because once you get hit, it’s game over for you.

Blind Ninja : Sing can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for less than a dollar. Get the game now and fulfill Sing’s mission as the greatest blind ninja ever.



Just a little warning before we proceed to this game review — don’t play if you are hungry! Because, honestly, if you play this game with an empty stomach, it’ll be like torturing yourself.

Burger, as the name suggests, is a cooking-slash-time management game that revolves around the making of various burger orders. Believe me, you’d want to order a lot of burgers after playing this game.

Burger’s main goal is to match the order shown on the right side, starting from the bottom burger bun until the top. The ingredients are conveniently placed below the working space where you just need to tap on the ingredient once to have it included in the burger. Some burger orders are easy to make and some are also a bit complicated — bottom burger bun, patty over lettuce over ketchup over another patty on top of another lettuce and then the top burger bun.

As the game progresses, you’ll also be able to serve french fries together with the burgers, and if you manage to play for each day of the year in Career Mode, the difficulty of the orders also increases. Aside from fries, other additional orders such as soda beverages, ice cream, and muffins will be added. Other ingredients for the burger, like bacon, cheese, onions, and a lot more, will also be added to the ingredients section of your workspace.

If you want to break away from your burger-making career, you can play the Time Attack mode of the game. Just make sure you have finished the first three days of the Career Mode to be able to play it. Download Burger for free from the Google Play Store today and have fun making easy and complicated variants of burgers.


Granny Smith

Here’s one game you’ll have difficulty staying away from once you start playing it — Granny Smith. Although it has no relation to the Angry Gran game, both these games have high regard for grandmothers. If you enjoyed the steaming angry granny in Angry Gran 2, you’ll definitely love this game.

The game follows the story of Granny Smith who chases the thief who stole apples from her apple tree. The goal of the game is to help Granny Smith smash through mirrors, go down and up roads using her roller skates, and rappel down cables using her cane just to get to the apples before the thief does.

The game is very addictive and fun to play. You also get to unlock other characters like Scruffy the dog and Stanley the old man. Powerups are also available to help Granny Smith in the game. Helmets are used to help Granny recover faster from a slip or a fall while the banana peels and the baseballs can be used against the thief to slow him down.

After you finish each stage, you can review how Granny beat the thief by watching a flashback of the stage. You’ll see the moves you let Granny do from the start of the stage until Granny reached the finish line.

Granny Smith will definitely get you hooked for hours and hours. Download this game in exchange for less than a dollar and have fun with the toughest granny in town.

Plumber Classic

Let’s take a break from adrenaline-pumping action games and have fun with a puzzle game. Plumber Classic makes you a smart plumber and challenges you to make sure that the water will flow through the pipes in the right direction.

The game has a simple interface and an equally simple gameplay. You’ll be given different puzzles that involve pipes. You have to make sure that when you turn on the switch to let the water flow, the water will go in the right direction.

There are different shapes of pipes that will determine where the water will be directed. Tap on a water pipe to rotate it and connect it to another pipe. The fewer moves you make will guarantee you more points, so plan your moves well.

Each stage has a time limit, so don’t dawdle because if you don’t direct the water to the goal within the time limit, it’s game over for you. The fewer moves and amount of time it takes for you to solve the puzzle will reward you bigger points.

Be an undisputed plumber with Plumber Classic. This game is absolutely free and does not have obtrusive ads that may get in the way of your puzzle-solving. Download this game today and sharpen your thinking skills while having fun at the same time.

Rail Rush

This one is an exciting new game that will probably become one of the games that you can’t put down even for a second. Rail Rush, developed by Miniclip.com, is a game that will definitely keep your hands busy.

In the game, you will help a man navigate his railcar in his exploration of caves, caverns, waterfalls, and dead cities. Avoid obstacles by swiping the car to either sides, swiping up to make it jump over roadblocks, and tilting the device to save the man from bumping his head on a wooden sign.

Collect gold nuggets and gems for purchasing other characters, powerups, and upgrades. If you manage to collect a Rock egg, you’ll be given surprises at the end of the level.

Rail Rush has beautiful graphics and background music that will definitely make you feel like you are indeed exploring caves and unknown places, just like Indiana Jones. The controls are easy to navigate, as well as the tilting.

Rail Rush is one game you should and must play using your Android device. Given its stunning graphics and amazing concepts on the different environments, your gameplay experience will be taken a notch higher. Get this game for free from the Google Play Store and be enthralled by the game’s stunning gameplay and graphics.

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