Hyper Grav

In Hyper Grav, you are the freelance commander of the DSS-Flyer, bound to rescue your people’s sacred symbol, The Arc. The Arc was taken away and has been divided into pieces. It is now your duty to retrieve these pieces before they are traded away by your mortal enemy, The Weavers.

Hyper Grav is a physics game where your enemies are time and gravity. Maneuver your way to picking up pieces of The Arc while dodging and shooting those that get in your way. Hyper Grav is a bit challenging to play at first but with a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it. Make sure to refuel your vehicle so that you’ll be able to reach the exit point before your run out of fuel and time.

Download Hyper Grav by Wappworks Studio and have fun navigating through space to retrieve pieces of the sacred symbol. Be wary of your strategies and beat time and gravity in this challenging game.

What’s Up? Aliens!

From the game’s name alone, you can already tell that you will be dealing with aliens. What’s Up? Aliens! by COLOPL, Inc. is a very interesting game that has a simple gameplay. But that’s not all there is to it; you have to attract the aliens to Earth and catch them.

In the game, you are tasked by the president to attract aliens to our planet and catch them to add information to your Alien Files. All you have to do is illuminate the Earth, wait for UFOs to drop the aliens on Earth, and catch them using your finger. Various upgrades can be purchased to aid you in your alien-hunting escapade. You can expect a total of 32 types of aliens to catch in this game.

Widen your database of aliens and save your planet from being overrun by them. Get What’s Up? Aliens! for free from the Google Play Store.

Potion Bar

Concoct unique brews of drinks and serve them to your customers in Potion Bar. In this game, you will be running a potion bar where tasty tonics need to be served to thirsty patrons.

Potion Bar is a time management game that lets you practice your quickness in concocting and serving various drinks to customers. This game has no room for dawdling, so be swift in making the drinks to keep your customers’ happiness level high. As you progress, more and more ingredients and items will be added for you to use.

Potion Bar has a very engaging storyline and fun gameplay. The game is ad-supported but the ads don’t get in the way and are placed in one area of the screen.

A Frog’s Wish Lite

Who says frogs can’t fly? A Frog’s Wish Lite by Migital IA follows the story of a frog that wishes to reach the skies. Yes, the frog doesn’t have wings but with his creativity and and his surprisingly good motor skills, flying can be done with just balloons.

In the game, you have to help the frog go as far as possible while collecting balloons to pull him up, almost like flying. Steer clear of obstacles and avoid popping the balloons because the more balloons you get, the faster the frog will be pulled up to the skies.

Download A Frog’s Wish Lite for free and hit two birds with one stone: helping the frog make its wish come true and having fun playing the game.

Mad Dash

A number of dashing or running games swarmed the Google Play Store after the much-celebrated Temple Run. But, if you are looking for another variation with some uniqueness mixed in, check out Mad Dash.

Developed by CITY-GAMES, Mad Dash follows the story of Kuzco as he runs and dodge obstacles to pass his gym class. He shouldn’t flunk the subject or else, his right to rule his kingdom will be taken away from him. In the game, you get to let Kuzco transform into different animals by tapping on the flasks found on the screen. These transformations will come in handy especially when you have to dodge obstacles that can’t normally be avoided by Kuzco’s human form.

Get the ad-supported Mad Dash game for free from the Google Play Store.

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