A virus has broken out and it’s turned people into grotesque mutations, leading society to quarantine them in the safe zone. It isn’t all that safe in there, as these mutants are dangerous and deadly, which gave the area the name “The DEATH DOME,” but not as deadly as strains of the M-virus that grew strong enough to live without a host and became Behemoths. Help Phoenix, one of the people living in the safe zone, gather newer strains of the M-virus to take down the Behemoths. Fight other residents of the Death Dome and study their moves so you can perfectly block and dodge them and strike when they’re most vulnerable. This game, developed by Griptonite Games Inc, is free to download from the Google Play Store.


It’s the end of the world, there’s barely anyone on the street, but you still need to run for your life in TheEndApp by Goroid. Join this grizzly survivalist game and run through the post-Apocalyptic urban wasteland and avoid lava, car pileups, fire, and all sorts of urban wreckage. You’ll need to navigate the twisting and turning streets by tilting your Android device left and right and swiping to turn corners. Collect as much duct tape as you can and trade it all in for survival supplies. Run like hell, but keep your reflexes sharp because the world isn’t as safe as it used to be.

Devil’s Attorney

Max McMann is going to make sure that every single one of his clients walks free, even if they are actually guilty. In the Devil’s Attorney game, developed by Senri AB, you’ll help Max McMann win every one of his cases. Court proceedings are actually turn-based and your goal is to wipe out the prosecutor, the witnesses, and the evidence before they take you out. Buy expensive furniture and stylish suits to raise your Vanity, Materialism, or Decadenc, and gain more courtroom skills. Save enough guilty butts and Max might just find himself a new apartment and a new office to go along with his impressive ego.


Help Jelly get his wings in Jellyflop! developed by Concrete Software, Inc. Jelly’s goal is to gather feathers, but he’s going to need to avoid that shark that’s been looking to make him dinner. Draw lines to help Jelly bounce towards the feather and gather as many drops as he can in the process. You can’t draw lines recklessly in this physics puzzler, as one false angle can send Jelly into the jaws of a predator. Plan carefully and make sure you don’t run out of pink goo to draw with.


Developed by ACQUIRE Corporation, SUMIONI Demon Arts THD has you rushing towards the capital of Japan to save it with your Ink Arts. Agura, the demon summoned by the Inkmaster, must save the capital together with the Firebird Inkgod and the Lion Inkgod. Erase enemy projectiles with the Water Brush and strike down enemy towers with ink clouds that shoot out thunderbolts. If you get a lot of enemies coming your way, trace a path to set on fire. You can also jump over obstacles by drawing a platform over them. Download SUMIONI Demon Arts for your Tegra-powered Android devices today!

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