Have you watched Studio Ghibli’s movies directed by Hayao Miyazaki? Or movies like Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Arrietty? If you have watched any of these films or have watched other masterpieces from the same director and studio, you’ll definitely get the same feeling when you play this game.

Spirits is a game with a very interesting concept for its gameplay, coupled with an equally interesting set of characters to play with. It is not one of those games that is not accented with a blast of colors; the game’s overall look is very minimal but fantastic and ethereal at the same time.

In the game, you help the spirits reach their goal. The spirits sprout out from fallen leaves and some of them are even used as sacrifices to help their fellow spirits reach the portal to their home. Tap on one spirit and you”ll have it blow gusts of wind in any direction you set, build a bridge of leaves, dig tunnels, or block currents. While it blows or does any of the four functions, the other spirits who pass by will surely be led to the goal.

Spirits is one of those games that gives off a relaxing but striking experience. The game has beautiful ambient music playing in the background, adding up to the feeling of surreality. This game is not like any other and playing it will definitely make you feel like you are in another world.

The game doesn’t have ads. It is a paid game worth its price. Get Spirits now and be transported to another realm.

Golden Ninja

Angry Birds was a huge hit a few years back when it first came out. Everybody was raving about the game and how fun and educational it was at the same time. Fun and education are two things you can also find in an almost similar game, Golden Ninja.

Golden Ninja follows the story of the ball-shaped Golden Ninja in his quest to save his girlfriend from the Dark Ninja Warrior. Help him navigate through obstacles and challenges through the use of his ninja skills — jumping, climbing vines, flying, and a whole lot more.

Maneuvering the Golden Ninja is a bit similar to how you control the birds in Angry Birds. Touch the Golden Ninja to show a guide as to where you want it to jump and land. Various obstacles will really challenge your wit and strategizing skills.

The game lets you play through 3 worlds amounting to 125 levels all in all. The game also boasts beautiful and intricate graphics, sure to amplify your gaming experience. Golden Ninja also has bonus levels you can play and it uses its original sound and music in the game.

Golden Ninja is free but it also has a pro version.

Angry Gran 2

There’s definitely one grandma you shouldn’t try to piss off. Angry Gran 2 is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed Angry Gran where a grandma whacks people that pass by for no apparent reason. Well, who needs a reason when the game itself is really fun to play?

Angry Gran 2 is packed with a lot of new stuff and fun modes to play with. This time around, the angry senior brings her whacking expertise in other cities like Paris, Moscow, Cairo, New York, and more.

Angry Gran 2 also lets you customize what item granny uses to clobber people with. You get to use a bunch of things — golf clubs and umbrellas, just to name a few. You can also dress up granny in hilarious costumes that will surely make you love this game more.

In this game, you can also change the heads of passers-by with pictures taken from your device’s camera. The game lets you use a photo taken at that instant, not from your device’s gallery. Put the face of your friends and whack them crazy with a French bread or an electric guitar. This is a great game to play with your pals, too.

Angry Gran 2 has three modes of play — Normal, Casual, and Zombie. In Zombie mode, granny should hit the zombies to survive. Avoid hitting the Grim Reaper, because if you do, it’s game over for you. Hitting zombies is made more fun in this game and surely, you’d have a hard time putting the game down.

Angry Gran 2 is not ad-supported and it has no push notifications that litter your notification bar. If I were you, I’d head on to the Google Play Store and start whacking people with the angriest granny in the city.

Order Up!! To Go

Order Up!! To Go is a highly addictive time management game and cooking game rolled into one. You start off as a trainee in a burger joint where you take drive-through orders. You get to prepare and cook the orders made by the customers. If you are an achiever, you’ll definitely make sure that each preparation you do is perfectly done — from the slicing of tomatoes, to grilling patties, frying fries, or grating cheese.

After being a trainee, you get to work as a chef in another restaurant. You get to manage the operations like the number of a certain dish to be served in a day, according to how popular the dish is. You get to unlock specials that you can serve to customers, provided that you have enough coins to unlock the dish. If you ever run short on coins, you can always go back to the burger joint you first worked in to gain extra.

You also get to hire assistants to help you keep the restaurant together. Upgrades for equipment are also available, as well as cleaning services to keep your restaurant clean enough to avoid surprise visits from the health inspector.

Order Up!! To Go has really good graphics and sounds that can also make you drool at all the food you are preparing in the game. You get to practice your quickness and time management abilities with this game. Order Up!! To Go is absolutely free and is also free from ads.

Pebble Universe

Pebble Universe will test your patience and timing skills. Developed by Itatake.com, this game is a fresh take on games that require superb timing and strategy skills. The skills mentioned may seem a bit intimidating but the cute little pebbles will surely make up for all of it.

The game’s goal is to bump one pebble with another pebble to bring up pieces of their pebble hats to the monsters above who are waiting to eat them. The monsters, once hit by a small piece of pebble, pops and disappears. Popping the smaller monsters first will assure you of a bigger score. The Monster Prince should be popped last because once you pop him first, the level ends.

The game calls for great timing in tapping on the pebbles to make sure they bump each other. Most often than not, the challenge comes in when the paths that the pebbles roll down on are different in length or there are a lot of curves and turns. Fans are also placed in areas where they can help push the pebbles farther when they roll down.

The game’s graphics are smooth and great to look at. People who love cute things will adore the pebbles and the sounds they make. Pebble Universe also came out clean when we checked it for push notification ads, and of course, it can be downloaded for free. Get the game today and help the cute little pebbles fight off the evil monsters.

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