Sword Penguin

When I think of penguins, my mind instantly conjures the image of Mumble from Happy Feet. Well, say goodbye to the image of the penguin as a cute adorable creature that needs protecting. Sword Penguin switches things up and arms this bird with a deadly weapon: a sword fish. Fight for your life against seals who have weapons of harm, such as squid and polar bears who are armed with a giant prawn!

The only way to defend yourself is with a large and rather deadly fish. Strike your enemies on your left by mashing the left button and strike the enemies on your right with the right button. Mash those buttons like crazy and make sure that none of your foes touch you or else it’s game over.

Sword Penguin is set against a colorful Japanese-inspired backdrop which changes with every few waves of enemies. Normal enemy seals are easy to dispatch and require only one hit. Polar bears, however, are made of tougher stuff and you’ll need to beat them several times with your swordfish before they surrender.

The game is ad-supported but ads are located in places you won’t be accidentally touching, such as in between the onscreen buttons and in the upper left corner of the app home screen.

Speed Touch

While wearing less means being able to stay cool during summer, some really humid nights can have you regretting your bare skin. Like moths to a flame, mosquitoes can suddenly show up and they all want a sip of your blood. You can either keep them away by putting on some mosquito repellent or you can squish them. If you aren’t satisfied with their demise at your hands or if they’re just too fast for you to catch, then maybe you could release your frustration with Speed Touch.

Speed Touch pits you against pesky mosquitoes who are thirsting for your blood. Of course, your job is to take no prisoners. Every time a mosquito appears on your screen, you must squish it as fast as you can. Don’t let those mosquitos get away. With each mosquito that you fail to squash, you lose a star. After you lose the third star, it’s game over.

Watch out! Some mosquitoes are bringing bombs with them. The moment you touch that bomb, it’s game over for you.

Each mosquito killed fills the gauge at the top of the screen a little. Once that gauge is filled, you enter frenzy mode and you can quickly kill mosquitoes by sliding your finger across the screen. It wears off after a few seconds so make sure to get as many mosquitoes as possible.

Speed Touch is ad-supported but ads only appear on the Game Over screen and on the menu.

Shopping Cart Hero 3

Do you know remember how our parents always tell us not to do crazy and potentially dangerous things? “Don’t jump from the second floor window,” “Don’t try to test some crazy apparatus to fly,” “Don’t attempt to cruise in a shopping cart,” the list goes on. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the wind in your hair and not while riding a car, Shopping Cart Hero 3 can help you achieve your dream.

Swipe to start running downhill and pick up momentum. When you’re approaching a sign that says “Get In!” tap anywhere on the screen for your stick figure to jump into its shopping cart. The closer you are to the sign when you jump in, the faster your shopping cart will go. When you reach the end of the cliff, tap anywhere to give your jump distance and height. The app also uses your device’s accelerometer so you can control how you land. Don’t tilt too far! Tilt gently and save your stick figure and earn some style points. Tilt too far and you might just kill your stick figure.

The more often you perform your crazy jumps, the more coins you accumulate. With these coins, you can purchase upgrades such as round wheels for your shopping cart, a helmet to save you from busting your head open, air bags to save you from a nasty fall, and tricks to give you even more points.

Shopping Cart Hero 3 is ad-supported but the ads do not get in the way of your game experience.

Dog Pile

After dealing with annoying mosquitos and getting off the high of the adrenaline rush, it’s time to go back to the world of cute animals. Don’t worry, these animals won’t be armed with any dangerous fish. In fact, the puppies of Dog Pile are super cute and super fat. Someone might have fed them way too much dog food but their roundness is actually an advantage in this game.

The aim of the game is to launch a rolly polly puppy down a wall of obstacles and have it land and take out similarly colored puppies. A white puppy with brown spots, for example, can take out a group of puppies with the same coloring but not dark brown ones.

Tap the puppy at the top of the wall and help it navigate the series of pegs, platforms, and bells as it makes its way down to the puppies below. You’ll need to tilt your phone to guide your puppy. At first the wall obstacles seem simple but the more levels you play, the more complicated they become, especially when trampolines start figuring in.

The more obstacles your puppy bumps against, the more points you get. Try to snag as many doggie treats as you can for extra points.

You can only find ads on Dog Pile’s main screen. For those concerned, no real rolly polly puppies were harmed in the making of this game.

Chicken Invaders 2

Does anyone still remember that Courage the Cowardly Dog episode with the alien chicken? if you’ve raised your hand then you’ll be delighted to know that Chicken Invaders 2 puts you in the shoes of someone who must save the world by defeating — you guessed it — fowl aliens.

Being of a fowl nature, these chicken invaders will be trying to shoot down your fighter ship with explosive eggs. Watch out for them! They’ll hurt and temporarily take you out of the game. Eggs aren’t the only things these aliens are raining down on you. They’ll also shower you with drumsticks and sometimes whole chickens for extra points. You can also get weapon powerups in the shape of gift boxes, so keep an eye open for them.

You start off the level with 5 hearts, but the more you get hit by exploding eggs, the more your hearts diminish. When you run out of hearts, it’s game over and the solar system will get overrun by chicken overlords.

You can unlock the full game and journey to every planet of the solar system, fighting off 100 waves of invading chickens. Keep firing through the waves and all the way to the final confrontation. You can also collect all 14 skill bonuses and upgrade your weaponry through 11 power levels.

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