Graffiti Ball

If you fancy physics games, here’s one game app you might wanna try. Graffiti Ball is not in any way, similar to paintball or making graffiti using a ball. It is named that way because you have to control the ball’s movements by painting paths on the wall to lead the ball to the goal.

The ball in this game is similar to that of a celluloid, the ball used in table tennis. It’s a very bouncy ball but it responds according to the path you’ve just drawn. There are 100 levels that span across 5 cities — Chicago, Brooklyn, Paris, Toronto, and Tokyo. These cities are grouped according to difficulty where the easy level consists of the first two cities, the medium with the next two, and the hard level with the last city.

The music you’ll be hearing while playing the game is the game’s original music. Sound effects of busy streets and police cars also make the game seem like you are really in the city, making graffiti on walls. The number of paths you can draw is unlimited and you can undo the drawing you’ve made if it’s not really working out for you.

Graffiti Ball is also another game app you can get for free from the Google Play Store, an addition to your ever-growing collection of games on your Android device.



Retired Wizard Story

An old wizard is in need of your help in Retired Wizard Story. All the sheep are trying to escape the farm, not to mention, they are all acting like humans. The poor old retired wizard cannot keep them all at bay alone. You have to help him.

Retired Wizard Story follows the tale of a retired wizard who was once the greatest wizard of the kingdom. He is now in retirement and has chosen to live in the countryside, raising sheep and keeping his profile low-key. But, an incident happened and gave all the sheep human abilities, making it hard for him to prevent them from escaping the farm. You have the to keep these sheep from getting away by tapping on them to turn them back to their normal state using the wizard’s magic spells.

Magic spells and magic powers can be upgraded in time. The game has 100 stages with 10 chapters that show the progress of the wizard’s story. Each level has cute characters for you to zap, making sure none of them escapes the farm. A lot of power-ups and upgrades are available for you and as well as daily bonuses.

Retired Wizard Story is an addicting game that requires quick tapping power. Be sure you have the endurance to help the wizard manage the human-like sheep to avoid letting his secret of being the greatest wizard be known to other people.

This game app is absolutely free and has no annoying ads that obstruct you while playing this fun game.



Agent Dash

With beautiful and stunning graphics, Agent Dash is almost similar to Temple Run, but with a bit more eye candy. Apart from having great visuals, this game is certainly one fun game you should try and play if you’ve loved Temple Run.

Agent Dash is an agent set out to accomplish missions for his country and for the Queen. He dons a tux and fairly resembles of Johnny Bravo, or even James Bond. He runs on any terrain, skids under barrels, dodges obstructions, shoots bases, and collects diamonds that are used to buy upgrades.

The game app has intuitive game controls. The sensitivity of the controls may also be customized in the game’s settings. It boasts very good visuals and detail, a plus to making your gameplay experience a good one.

Upgrades such as jetpacks and parachutes can be purchased using the diamonds you’ve collected. If you get a bit tired of using Agent Dash, you can choose to use other characters like Joanna Goodtug, Jawbone, or Bobajob.

You can also integrate your Facebook account with this game and challenge your friends. If you play this game a lot, you get to the Top Agents leaderboard, beating all your friends in the game.

Agent Dash is another great game you can get for free. Download it now and start challenging your friends and mastering the art of skidding, jumping, and dodging.



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