Mr Nibbles

Mr Nibbles may sound like your class hamster, but this particular pet has a much bigger adventure destined for him. In fact, Mr. Nibbles dreams one day of being able to enter into orbit. Dreams are free after all, but Mr. Nibbles has a long way to go. You start with Mr. Nibble’s cage. You can see the house cat watching him curiously in the background, but Mr. Nibbles isn’t fazed.

Collect all his hamster treats and achieve a perfect three-star score. You can control Mr. Nibbles by tapping on the screen to make him jump. Tilt your Android device left and right to make him roll accordingly.

The first five stages of Mr. Nibble’s cage start out deceptively easy, allowing you to get a feel for the game’s mechanics. By the time the sixth stage rolls in, you’ll have to watch out. If Mr. Nibbles comes into contact with spiders, it’s instant game over. The spiders will have him bundled up with their sticky web and he’ll be packed away into a makeshift casket.

If you find hamster treats on the ceiling, don’t worry. Search around and you can find a device that turns the stage around 180 degrees. You can enjoy three different worlds with 10 challenging levels. Can you collect all of Mr. Nibbles’ hamster treats and avoid getting killed by the spiders?




Holy Sheep might have been merciful on you. If you fall, you’d be back at the starting point. FallOn LITE, on the other hand, has no mercy. Well, maybe a little. The goal of FallOn LITE is to get you to the red platform but instead of the typical side scrolling game, we get a first person view. You’ll need to calculate your jumps to get to the next platform or else you’ll be plummeting to your death. Sounds brutal? Well, with a catchphrase like, “You fall, you die,” it certainly lives up to its name.

In Practice Mode, you get the advantage of a checkpoint at every level. Normal Mode, however, gives you a check point after every 5 levels. If you fall before you reach level 5, it’s back to level 1 for you. Hardcore Mode lives up to its name by using the game’s tagline in effect. If you fall, it’s really game over. No matter what level you’re on, it’s back to the beginning for you.

You’ll need to make good use of your depth perception and estimations to be able to land easily on the white platforms. Once you get to the red platform, you move on to the next level. The game is straightforward but it’s not exactly a walk in the part. It certainly immerses you in the role of the player and the fall downwards is agonizingly slow.



Crazy Shepherd

Wannabe cowboys and shepherds will definitely love this awesome game. Crazy Shepherd is a great game where you can practice your lasso and timing skills. In the game, you get to play this shepherd who is desperate to catch all sheep, deers, gazelles, alpacas, and even wolves to win cash from a competition.

In the span of 15 minutes, herds of sheep in different forms and sizes will come running. Your shepherd is on his horse, running after the frantic animals, trying to catch each and every one. Your task is to tap the animal’s head to prompt the shepherd to throw his lasso and catch the animal. It’s not as easy as you may think because you have to practice great timing as when to tap on the animal’s head.

Every failed catch results in a deduction from the coins you have. Be careful not to squander your coins on unsuccessful attempts because it will leave you with nothing to use. You won’t be able to catch animals if you have no coins. Powerups like haystacks and double coins are given to you, but you have to use them wisely, as well. Haystacks hinder animals from running further for a few seconds so you have to catch them fast if you use this power-up.

Crazy Shepherd can be downloaded for free and it came out clean after we ran it through an ad detector app. This game supports ads but they don’t get in the way of your game.



Daring Raccoon HD

Daring Raccoon HD will make you feel like you are playing one of the classic games of yesterday. It has a simple gameplay, more like playing Super Mario Bros. or other games that call for quick but careful controlling of the main character while dodging snakes, collecting fruits, and climbing ladders.

This game revolves around the story of a raccoon whose home planet is attacked by colorful, somewhat fruit-looking monsters, and took his parents captive. He has to go back to his planet to save his parents and get rid of the villains. To do that, he has to go through a lot of stages where you control his every move. The controls are found on-screen and are similar to retro game controllers that consist of the arrow pads and one big button for jumping.

Daring Raccoon also allows you to create your own stage. Where to place the ladders, the creatures, and even the apples will all be up to you. After you’re done creating, you can even do a test run by playing the stage yourself and you can also save or delete it.

This game app is also integrated with OpenFeint where you can see local and global leaderboards. If your friends are also playing this game, compare your scores and maybe challenge them up the leaderboards. This game app is also for free and doesn’t have obtrusive ads that can spoil all the fun that the game can give you.



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