Stickman Games: Summer

Become a professional athlete and play through different events with the Stickman Games: Summer on your Android device. This game will let you become an athlete without having to develop a muscular and bulky body build because you will have to control a stickman to play to various events.

This game allows you to be an athlete via your Android device. Just launch the game, choose an event, and compete your way to a gold medal. You can choose various events such as the 100-meter dash, swimming, or archery. The game can be controlled by tapping or swiping your fingers on the screen. For added fun, you may enable the OpenFeint feature and compare your score with your friends or move your way to the top of the score board.

You can also personalize your own character in the game. You can buy a new set of clothes, equip a new outfit, or even change the accessories used during events. You can buy stuff by using the coins you have acquired while doing events.

The Stickman Games : Summer game can be downloaded for a price of about US$1.00 from the Google Play Store.

HolySheep Free

When you sleep, do you dream of divine sheep? We’re being serious. In the game, HolySheep Free, one certain bouncy sheep, dubbed as His Divine Sheepness, is late for God’s party. He must race across heaven to get to the party in time! This game is literally a side-scroller. The sheep will hop in place and you must swipe sideways to move him forward. It may seem easy and you might be tempted to scroll as fast as possible, but being careless has its price. You might find your sheep plummeting through the clouds, off screen, and back to the starting point.

The aim is to go as far as you can while using all sorts of devices to help you move farther and faster while avoiding dangers such as crumbling pillars. Help the sheep out by purchasing upgrades like a flying cap to slow down the fall, rubber shoes to help it jump higher, a magnet to attract coins and a cape for sustained flight.

Perhaps the best part of this game is not the fact that the sheep is divine but the catchy music. The moment you launch the app, you’re treated to very heavenly chatting and the tolling of a church bell. When you start playing the game, you’re given upbeat and catchy music that actually namedrops the game. Instead of getting frustrated, you’ll find yourself laughing.

The only catch to this game is that you can only avail of tier 1 upgrades. If you want to avail of higher-tier upgrades and unlock the other sheep, you’ll have to purchase the full version.



Melo’s Magic Free

Does one man have what it takes to stand up to an unending stream of monsters? Melo’s Magic Free follows the battle of one wizard whose duty is to protect his kingdom.

As the only magician who can protect the castle, you will need to be able to allocate your limited mana appropriately. Don’t just keep throwing spells out. Each spell requires effort and you might just find yourself depleting your mana supply when you need it the most. Don’t worry, the mana eventually gets replenished but make sure that you recharge when you’re not overwhelmed by monsters.

You won’t stand a chance against more powerful enemies with your default equipment. Save up for more powerful staffs, spells, and runes to help you in warding off the horde. Use all the magic in your arsenal to destroy them before they beat down the gates and get inside the castle.

The game’s graphics are impressive and help you get the feel of being the only wizard that can stop the steady march of monsters towards the castle gates. The game also comes with a soundtrack that really gets you in the mood. For a free game, you’ll be surprised to not find any ads while you’re playing.

The free version lets you get a taste of the game with 10 levels. If you’ve fallen in love with this great game, you can purchase the full version from the Google Play Store.



Gravity Ninja Deluxe

That Holy Sheep isn’t the only one that can defy gravity. Ninjas are renowned for their ability to practically fly through the air and this ninja certainly wants to live up to the legend. Gravity Ninja Deluxe challenges players to collect as many coins, diamonds and items as they can while keeping the ninja from falling to his doom.

How long can you keep your light-as-a-feather ninja in the air? Play in Touch Mode and keep tapping on the ninja to keep him from falling onto the deadly spikes of the dragon below. The longer you keep the ninja in the air, the more items appear — but be careful. Your ninja might not just catch coins and diamonds but also grab some beer. A drunk ninja is a hard one to control. Worse yet, he might end up grabbing an unnecessary 1-ton weight which turns gravity against you.

Not all food items are harmful though. A burger makes the ninja really fat but also allows you to easily get items.

If tapping is a bit too challenging for you, you can also play Paddle Mode. Like the classic game of pingpong, you can bounce the ninja against the paddle. Move the paddle by tilting your phone and make sure to keep your ninja bouncing.

Ads are located at the bottom of the screen but they won’t disrupt your gaming experience.



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