A game app a day is okay — and this is what this twice-a-month app list is all about.  We’ve handpicked fifteen of the newly released Android games in the first half of August.  That’s practically one game a day for you.

We play games.  Some do it for fun and leisure.  Others make a career out of it.  Regardless of how often or how rarely you play games, the Google Play Store has a lot of game titles for you to try out.

In this mid-August edition of our series of posts about best new Android games, you’ll get to know more about

  • a futuristic, dark-blue themed, 3D pinball table;
  • a hero on a mission to defend the castle;
  • a yin-yang ball that you need to protect from being bumped by other balls;
  • peace-loving cube-faced robots guarding intergalactic peace and order;
  • a stickman athlete;
  • sacred sheep trying to catch up with God’s heavenly party;
  • a one-wizard’s battle against the attack of mythical monsters;
  • a gravity-defying ninja;
  • a cute rodent on a mission to collect treats while dodging lethal arachnids;
  • a merciless, black-and-white-with-some-red jumping game where you die if you fall;
  • a lasso-throwing shepherd bent on catching as many running animals as possible;
  • a brave raccoon on a quest to reclaim his planet and save his parents from captivity;
  • an obedient ball that follows the graffiti strokes you paint on the wall;
  • a retired wizard whose wizardry must be put to use in keeping intelligent sheep from escaping the farm;
  • a secret agent always in a dash in quests and missions pro Regina et patria (for Queen and country)

Ready for our roundup of the last two weeks’ best new Android games?  Go ahead and check them out.

Pinball 3D Free

If you’re losing all your money playing pinball at the arcade, you can enjoy playing pinball for free on your Android device with the Pinball 3D Free game app. This app lets you play pinball without spending a single dollar for tokens and without the need to go to your local arcade.

Your main objective will be to control the ball inside the pinball machine, keep it from falling inside the hole or the drain, and score as many points as possible. You can protect the ball by using the plastic bats, also known as flippers. These flippers are situated just above the the hole and you will need to bat away the ball from falling into the hole. You can control the flippers by tapping the lower right or the lower left portion of the screen with your thumbs.

The game also features a dark blue robotic pinball theme. You will also hear voices of a robotic female voice while playing with the game.

You can also play the game in different camera modes. You can watch the whole pinball machine or let your camera follow the ball as it bounces back and forth inside the machine.

The Pinball 3D game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. In our testing, the game was smooth and I was amazed with its 3D graphics. I also did not encounter any bugs or force close errors while playing. Though the game is ad-supported, you won’t need to worry about popping ads while playing the game. Ads will only appear on the main menu or while viewing the score leader board. You may download the premium version of the app to remove the ads. Threats and push notification ads were also not detected in the app.




Defence Hero 2

The war has begun. The kingdom needs your help to keep the castle grounds safe. Ready your battle weapon and defend your land in the Defence Hero 2 game. This game is a strategy, defense, and a role-playing game for your Android device.

Before you defend your castle walls, you will have choose your race. You can either play the role of humans or the decaying undead. More races will be unlocked as the story progresses. Choosing a race will allow you to control a hero. Your hero will be the main character in the game and will help your troops defend the castle by casting powerful spells on your enemies. Your hero will become stronger from each level up and unlock new and powerful skills.

You hero alone can’t defend the castle wall from enemy attacks. That’s why you will also need to summon troops to defend the castle and attack the enemies. You can summon the soldier to the front line or ask the rangers to attack your enemies from a distance. As the game progresses, you will be able to unlock and buy new troops from the shop.

You will need to remember two things in this game: defend and attack. You must strengthen your troops and defend the castle wall. At the same time, you need to defeat your enemies by destroying their castles.

Defence Hero 2 can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Being a free app, I was amazed that it didn’t have any ads appearing while I played the game. But, some items can only be purchased by converting real money into Eco points. The app’s performance was also good. I didn’t encounter any lag or force close errors while playing the game.




The +Ballo game is a defense strategy game on your Android device. This is a defense game but you won’t be fighting off monsters outside the castle walls. Instead, you will have to control a mini ball and defend the yin-yang symbol from incoming balls.

Your primary task is to control the ball within the game and stop the other balls from reaching the yin-yang symbol. You can control the ball by tilting your device. Aside from destroying other balls, you will also have to take note of the colors for each ball. Bumping into a hollow ball with a certain color will turn your ball to that color. It will also transform the other hollow balls with the same color into a solid ball. If you bump a solid ball with the same color as your mini ball, all the solid balls with the same color will pop and will leave a power-up, such as a health boost or a bomb. Bumping into a hollow ball with another color will change the color of your ball and you will have to repeat the same process.

It isn’t all the time that you will have to bump objects within the game. As the game progresses, pentagons will also appear on the screen. You will have to avoid those or you will lose your health. You can also attach your ball to the yin-yang symbol by tapping on the screen to bring out a yo-yo effect.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. While playing the app on our test phones, the app ran smoothly and we did not encounter any bugs while playing the app. I also did not find any ads popping on the app’s interface. The app also came out clean when scanned with antivirus software and tested with an ad detector app.





In our world, we have our very own police department to maintain peace and order in our neighborhood. We also have our national army to help people during disasters or when peace is threatened throughout world. A new force has also surfaced to maintain intergalactic peace and order. Deploy the peace-loving kairobots with the Kairobotica game on your Android device.

This game allows you to build your own colony of kairobots. You will need to maintain the kairobot factory and store them in houses. The more kairobots you have, the stronger your army will become. After gathering enough kairobots, deploy them to missions that will keep peace and order.

Aside from managing your kairobot army, you will also have to manage and maintain your colony. Tourists from Earth will visit your town and will let you earn additional coins. Tourists will also give you data points. Earning enough data points will let you acquire discs that hold very important information for your missions.

Overall game experience was excellent. We did not find any ads, the game ran smoothly, and the cute kairobots drew me into playing the game. But, you will have to become about US$5.00 poorer in order to play the game.


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