Your Medicine 1-2-3 free

Getting sick is something inevitable, especially when you are so stressed at work or in school. Skipping vitamin and supplement intake may also weaken your body, making you susceptible to all kinds of pathogens that will make you stay at home and take medication.

People who live alone will find Your Medicine 1-2-3 free a very useful app. When there is no one to remind you when to drink your medicine, don’t worry. This app will be your quasi-nurse-slash-nanny whenever you’re ill or when you have to take medication for fixed periods of time.

The app is feature-rich but is fairly easy to use and navigate around. It allows you to store up to 50 prescriptions while setting the schedule for the app to notify you to drink your medicine. If you miss to drink your medicine after the app’s notification, it will remind you again in 15 minutes.

What’s great about this app is that the alarm notification can override the silent mode of your device if you want it to.

You can also adjust dosages of your medicine, depending on your doctor’s prescription. A log of the medication you took in the past 24 hours can also be accessed, as well as notes on how you were feeling after the medicine intake — a very useful feature especially when your doctor just changed the dosage of your medicine.

Your Medicine 1-2-3 free is certainly one app you shouldn’t overlook. Have this app installed for free on your Android device and never miss drinking your medicine on time.

TextbookMe Cheap Textbooks

TextbookMe Cheap Textbooks is a useful tool for people who love book bargains. This app comes from the same developer that gave us the Textbook Buy Back Comparison app.

If you are looking to purchase books but you are in a tight budget, TextbookMe Cheap Textbooks will lead you to the cheapest buys.

To start using this app to its full potential, use its search function to look for a book’s title, author, or ISBN. You can also choose to scan a book’s barcode if you have it with you, such as in cases when one of your friends has a book you are planning to buy. Just scan the book’s barcode and have the app search for the book’s prices.

You can compare prices of the book from different book sellers and rentals. Once you have decided where to buy the book from, just tap on the seller’s name and you will be directed to the seller’s website.

The app sports a simple UI that is so direct to the point, you won’t have any difficulty navigating the app. Students will especially find this app greatly helpful in looking for lower-priced books. Comparing prices with other sellers of a certain book is one effective way of cutting off expenses when school starts.

TextbookMe Cheap Textbooks is an app you can get in exchange for absolutely nothing. Equip yourself with this app and be ready to scour for the cheapest textbooks once school kicks in again.


If you are recently given a task or responsibility that spans more than two days, you’ll definitely need something that will remind you to work on that particular task, most especially if you are the type who forgets certain things while juggling other tasks altogether.

Regularly is an app dedicated to keep you on track with a certain task. The app lets you key in a particular task that will need to be done in succession. For example, you need to be reminded of the weekly club meeting in your neighborhood that happens every Friday for the whole year. Key in the event or task in the app, the time you want to be reminded, and how frequently should the app remind you.

Regularly has a sleek UI design that has all the elements arranged neatly. There is no clutter whatsoever and you can easily fill in the needed information for you to set up a task in the app. This app can also be used with tasks that you do regularly but may happen at varying times, perfect for tasks like gardening, small home repairs, and a lot more.

This is a free app that doesn’t have annoying ads obstructing your view. Those days when you scramble around the house for your organizer will long be gone now, just as long as you have Regularly installed in your Android device.

Music Paradise

Music can do a lot of things to people. Being an avid listener of music, I have discovered a lot of things just by listening to a song — may it be hip-hop, classical, alternative rock or reggae. One can never thoroughly describe the feelings music can incite us to either. Music is mysterious but familiar at the same time; it is like a force that has the ability to bring people together or start a revolution.

Listening to music is also one of the greatest ways to relax. And since you have an Android device with you, access to almost any kind of music is actually possible. If you are looking for variety when you listen to music, you might want to try using Music Paradise. It is an app powered by Grooveshark and it streams music on your Android device.

This app needs to be connected to the Internet for it to work and stream music. The app has three tabs that give you options as to how you want to listen to some tunes. You can choose to search for the song or artist, stream music using stations categorized by genre, or play the most popular tracks today.

The app also allows you to queue songs, more like making your own playlist. The app itself is user-friendly and is not confusing to use. You can also post about your currently playing song to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social sites.

Music Paradise is a free app you can download from the Google Play Store. Quench your thirst for music with this app and never again will you go deprived of wonderful tunes your ears are craving for.

Pebble Universe

Here’s a cute but exciting game you can play on your Android device. Pebble Universe, developed by Itatake.com, is a highly-addictive game coupled with great graphics and cute sound effects from the characters.

The game’s goal is to get rid of the evil monsters that are scaring the little pebbles. These monsters love pebble meat and they are flying around the pebbles’ area, waiting to munch on them. And, because of one instance where the monsters abducted two pebbles and ate them, the rest became furious and devised an ingenious way to kill those monsters — colliding with each other.

The pebbles collide with each other to bump their pebble hats together, explode, and have bits of their pebble hats fly up to the monsters. Once the monsters are hit by a pebble, they pop and disappear. In this game, you have to get rid of the smaller monsters first before taking the Monster Prince down so that you can earn high scores.

Help these cute little pebbles permanently ward off the monsters with your great timing skills. Pebble Universe can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

If you find the list a bit too long for you to sift through, you might want to start with our staff’s favorites from this bunch:

  • Where’s My Perry? Free
    • Excellent and addicting, just like its cousin Where’s My Water.  Highly recommended for those hooked to high-quality puzzle games for Android.
  • Spirits
    • Brilliant concept. Smooth graphics.  Excellent display. Soothing surreal background music. Worth more than the small price you pay.
  • All-In-One Toolbox (14 Tools)
    • Why install 14 different tools when you can install just one?
  • PopCube
    • Excellent blending of music, cubes, colors, and gameplay.
  • Save the Puppies
    • Not just for the cute factor, but also for the intelligence factor, which you need to use to finish the game.
  • Pinball Pro
    • More than just the classic pinball. Lucky Wheel is a real challenge.
  • Pebble Universe
    • Cute and amusing sound effects. Excellent gameplay concept. Great graphics. Something that kids–and the kids at heart–might enjoy immensely.

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